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The foundation for superior website conversion is keyword selection. Our lawyer blog writers have been in practice.  They understand who your “ideal clients” are and which topics will attract quality, prospective clients to your law firm website. Our Search Engine Optimization Professionals utilize the latest keyword research tools in order to pinpoint the highest converting keyword phrases to ensure your content maximizes search traffic opportunities. Finally, our highly skilled and experienced copywriters create compelling Call to Action statements to maximize web visit response rates.

The Legal Content Writers’ Recipe For Online Success:

  • Target – Select content topics based on the “ideal client” profile of the law firm
  • Traffic – Optimize the content to maximize traffic opportunities
  • Take Action – Disarm and encourage a contact response with effective Call to Action

What Our Lawyer Blog Writers Can Do For You:

  1. Attract clients to your website that prefer quality service over price
  2. Attract clients to your website that have an urgent need to retain legal counsel
  3. Keeps visitors on the website longer signaling search engines that your website offers value (boosts rankings)
  4. Greatly improve your website’s traffic to appointments ratio

Symptoms of Poorly Written Content:

  1. A high percentage of non-relevent keyword phrases found in your website’s analytics reports
  2. Decrease search engine rankings due to high “bounce-off” rate
  3. High numbers of unique monthly visits coupled with few inquiries
  4. Low quality calls and web forms – mostly “price shopping”

Our boutique legal content writing firm is staffed by multi-state licensed lawyer writers with “real world” legal experience.  Each content writing assignment is matched with an attorney with several years of experience practicing in both your state and area of practice.

The Legal Content Writers Team

James Greenier (Founder, SEO Expert) Legal Content Writers, LLC was founded by law firm marketing expert James Greenier.  Since 2000, James has advised over 3,500 law firms about Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization strategies. He has also worked with 8 of the 10 most trafficked legal websites on the Internet.

Editing Team:

     Jenn Sheppard – Attorney Editor

     Bill Sunderland – Attorney Editor

Content Production Team:

     Billie Smith – Project Manager

     Dawn Williamson – Attorney Writer

     Jen Hill – Attorney Writer

     William Bell – Attorney Writer

     Lisa White – Attorney Writer

     Scott Mitchell – Attorney Writer

     Alice Poole – Attorney Writer

     Justin Marshall – Attorney Writer

     Matthew Phillips – Attorney Writer

     John Mann – SEO Copywriter


Sales & Marketing

    James Greenier – V.P. of Sales

    Jerry Wentz – Outside Sales Manager

    Rhonda Simmons – Marketing Manager


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Tel: 1-800-877-2776
Fax: (662) 510-0159

Regional offices:

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Lawyer Blog Writers at Legal Content Writers - About Us
Lawyer Blog Writers at Legal Content Writers - About Us
At the ghostwriting firm of Legal Content Writers our lawyer blog writers have the experience to develop award winning content for your lawyer websites and legal blogs.