Attorney Blog Writers Discus How to Write a Successful Blog Series

If your blog lends itself to a very long post which can be split into shorter posts that build upon one another you might consider a blog series. While some bloggers consider a series an overwhelming task, think of it as the opportunity to create multiple “bite-sized” posts on a larger topic while still offering comprehensive coverage of the subject. A blog series is especially useful if you know you will be out of town or busy with something else for a week or so.

You can prepare the series ahead of time then set it up to post one in the series every day (or few days, depending on your regular schedule of posting frequency). A blog series also allows you to give your readers something of value rather than just reacting to whatever happens to be in the news on any given day. A series also gives you the opportunity to write about something you are passionate about, even inspiring your readers to take action. In other words, write the story you’ve always wanted to tell, in a blog series.

Choose a Subject You Can Speak From the Heart About

When you are considering the topic of your blog series, take a look at which of your past blogs have received the most attention. Those which garnered the most interest likely covered a “large” topic which you were particularly passionate about. This kind of topic can warrant multiple posts although you don’t want to choose a topic so large as to overwhelm. Your chosen topic should be one you have plenty of experience with and have a wealth of information on. Your goal is to come across to your readers as an authoritative voice on your subject, becoming a solid future resource. Your subject should be something you can discuss thoroughly without repeating yourself while tying into a central theme.

Make a List

Once you have chosen your subject, it is helpful to make a list which covers the primary points you want to make. Don’t stress over having a perfect outline in the beginning—just write down whatever crosses your mind when thinking about your subject. Once you have thoroughly “brainstormed” the issue, go back and make your notes into a comprehensive list or outline. This list will allow you to begin to flesh out your subject as well as to see where the logical splits will be when dividing up into individual posts.

When making your list, set some goals for your series including how many posts you will split your series into.  You will also want to consider the title for your series. The title is an extremely important factor in the overall success of your blog series, so give it some serious consideration. First impressions are everything, and your blog series title could well be the deciding factor in whether your readers will take the plunge and begin—and continue—reading your series.

Give Your Readers a “Head’s Up”

Once you have your rough draft completed, it’s time to give your readers notice of the upcoming series. Letting your readers know what to expect increases the likelihood they will watch for the series and engage with it. Telling your readers how many posts the subject will cover can help create the feeling of anticipation as well as ensuring readers will read the series from start to finish. It can also help to write an introduction to the series which can include where you will be while the series is running (if you are writing a series to cover your blog while you are away). Readers connect more fully to your blog when they are privy to personal details of your life which affect the blog. Don’t forget to interlink your posts, joining each with a link to the prior and the next in case a reader has missed one of the posts. While it may sound like a no-brainer, take special care to finish your series with a bang rather than a whimper. You don’t want to leave your readers hanging after they’ve followed your entire blog series.

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