Best Ways to Increase Your Law Blog Traffic

In the end, it may be easier to create your blog than to build up to a significant level of traffic. One good thing to remember is that your readers have the capacity to help increase your blog traffic, so use them as a valuable resource. When you target your blog more specifically, your readers will respond by either commenting positively or negatively; either way your blog traffic is likely to increase. Further, by becoming a participant in the communities where your readers “hang out,” you can bring more traffic to your site as well as building trust with your readers.

Use SEO to Your Advantage

If you are using an SEO-friendly platform for your blog such as WordPress, you can easily set up your blog for maximum search engine optimization. The SEO WordPress plugin should result in a Meta Tag box underneath your post. Keep your Meta Title Tag to less than 60 characters and make it SEO-rich. The description should be less than 160 characters, full of descriptive keywords and an overview of the content of the blog page. To further incorporate SEO, keyword phrases should be used liberally in order to increase your blog traffic.

Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn have millions of active users, and these users can be considered content distributors—they read your blog then spread the word about the information contained in the blog throughout their chosen form of social media. If you haven’t done so already, get your own social media pages set up, filling out your profiles to the fullest extent possible. Add photographs and descriptions of your blog and, if appropriate, your life as it pertains to your blog. Connect with other users who have similar interests through those social media sites, introducing them to your site. You can do this by sharing your own blog posts or posts of others in your industry on social media or through interactions with the community. So long as you are making a memorable impression on others through social media sites, you will continue to bring in readers to your blog.

Use Google Analytics

While there are other analytic programs you can use to determine how long visitors remain on your site or how long they remain on a particular page, Google Analytics is one of the better programs—and it’s free. You can gain a number of important insights when you track your blog through an analytic program. You want to know where you are succeeding and where you need a boost, and an analytic program can help you with this information.

Using Graphics and Photographs to Boost Your Traffic

We are a visual nation therefore adding photographs and graphics to your blog site can greatly enhance the site, making it more likely that readers will return. While including lots of visual images in your blog, make sure to reference your own posts as well as those of others in your blog. Just make sure your references to your own blog don’t seem manipulative or pushy. Referencing the content of others can result in those people referencing your blog which, in the end, is better for your blog traffic than referencing your own.

Guest Blog Whenever You Get the Chance and Ask Others to Guest Blog for You

Anytime you are asked to write a guest blog—accept! Guest blogging is the perfect opportunity to spread your brand to those who have not yet seen your work and can result in earning links or references to your site. Invite those who blog in your niche to contribute to your blog, making it as easy as possible for the other person to contribute.  Aside from guest blogging, interact on other blogs with readers as well. There are many ways to increase blog traffic however these tips can give you a good start.