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How to Combat Law Firm Content Marketing Challenges

Free Advice & Tips to Combat Common Law Firm Content Marketing Challenges

Despite the industry, businesses (and law firms) who wish to or have already implement a content marketing plan into their strategy most likely face challenges. Due to a lack of understanding, a lack of time, or a lack of effort, the majority of law firms who have integrated a content marketing plan experience frustrations and discouragement. Regardless of the obstacles you face, it is imperative to remember that content brings your entire business vision together. It is the glue that binds your efforts and without it, it would incredibly difficult, if not impossible to reach your desired target client. In order to find solutions to the common challenges law firms face it is necessary to first identify what they are. Find comfort in knowing that they can be rectified, and you are not alone in your struggles.

The Attorney Buy-In

It is no secret that content marketing isn’t easy or doesn’t provide instant gratification. It is also no secret that it does provide results and benefits to the legal field over time when executed the right way. Developing a content marketing plan, being dedicated and steadfast with a publishing schedule and churning out valuable and relevant content may seem daunting and discouraging. By developing small and achievable goals, the big scheme will seem less overwhelming and begin to feel more doable. Once your firm begins to feel the results and effects of your plan’s implementation, it will be more encouraged and bonded in its efforts. Create a plan that works for you and build from there. Attorneys are accustomed to approaching certain things in a regimented way, and your content marketing will begin to feel no different.

Return on Investment

Measuring success is a common obstacle law firms face. It can be challenging to create synergy and like-mindedness amongst a firm if you are unable to produce numbers for nonbelievers. Creating legitimate KPIs help buttress the strength of content marketing with hard data. Measure success by first identifying your goals based on the channel and let analytics do the rest. For example, if you have created an e-book or whitepaper your goals may involve the number of downloads or shares or the number of email addresses you acquire to use in mailers later. If you measure goals based on website engagement they may consist of the number of contact form fills you collect or the amount of phone calls your number receives and at which point of the visitor’s funnel.

Content Creation

The level of challenge attorneys can face in the realm of content creation is generally based on the level of sophistication they desire from their writing and the goal they wish to achieve. Balancing the time and effort it takes to create valuable content can be demanding, but it can also be worth the investment to outsource to companies who specialize specifically in legal writing and staff licensed attorneys to write on your behalf. It is important that your content supports your law firm’s overall brand and helps to increase your firm’s visibility, support its reputation and credibility, both online and offline within the community. If you decide to tackle content creation on your own it is advisable to set Google alerts to inform you when relevant topics are written on or newsworthy topics are discussed online. Alerts alleviate the necessity of topic hunting and allow noteworthy news to come to you. This simple step can curtail writer’s block and keep topics streaming in to you, rather than requiring you to take the time to seek them out.

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How to Combat Law Firm Content Marketing Challenges
How to Combat Law Firm Content Marketing Challenges
Our law firm website content writers provide some tips and advice on how to combat law firm content marketing challenges.
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