Creating Law Firm SEO Content to Attract Quality Clients

Creating law firm SEO-friendly content is hardly an easy task. Consider that today’s Internet is full to the brim with amazing visuals; take away all the colored links and special fonts, the flashing banner ads and bells and whistles and you’re left with the backbone of the Internet—content. Creating your law firm search engine optimization content can be an ongoing process, and sometimes a downright chore. It is also the only way to make your pages popular. While many law offices will randomly add large blocks of content to their site thinking it is free and will surely add flavor to the website, you must remember that if you are adding anything but the highest-quality content it can backfire, hurting your entire website.

Some of the problems that can occur when low-quality SEO content is added to your law firm’s website are:

• If the same article, or one very close to the same, exists elsewhere on the web, yours probably will not rank as well as the other copies.

• Low quality content reflects poorly upon your law office.

• Sometimes when unfocused content is added to your law firm’s website, visitors can quickly lose interest.

• Though it is not particularly scrupulous, people will sometimes copy the content of other websites verbatim without asking.

Remember that no site will get the traffic you desire without content, and all content will contain certain keywords and phrases throughout. The repeating of those words and phrases draw the attention of search engines. However, even though your site may be rich in important keywords, there must also be solid, interesting and readable content to engage the reader’s interest in your particular law firm. Additionally, the savvy search engines of today actually know how to scan for sensible content—in other words content with little to offer other than the same keywords strung together over and over will likely not get your law firm noticed. The words must appear frequently—but naturally– within your text, and must make sense within the context of your copy. In order to produce the highest-quality content for your law firm’s website, think like a searcher—what do you want to read when you type in your search words? Brainstorm for your firm and try to come up with fresh, interesting content.

Website content writing must engage your visitors immediately, keeping them on your site. After all, the longer your visitors stay, the more likely they’ll purchase your attorney services and become clients. SEO-friendly content on your law firm’s website will also be an easy read for your average Internet user, having bold headings and subheadings featuring your particular law firm’s keywords and keyword phrases. If building content for your law firm’s SEO website sounds like a lot of work—it is! The Internet is an ever-changing animal and constantly reinvents itself. If you want your law firm’s website to stay at the top of the game you will need to constantly add fresh content and keywords to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Many highly-visited sites actually employ a full staff of writers whose sole purpose is to turn out new, engaging content on a regular basis. Either way, content is key to the ultimate success of your law firm’s website—take it seriously and produce the best.