Drawing Legal Consumers to Your Law Practice

The World Wide Web can take your Internet brand to the far reaches of the globe and beyond – even the International Space Station has Internet access. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is critical to the online visibility of your law practice. Without SEO, websites for lawyers would lapse into a sea of obscurity.

Here are three simple ways to keep your lawyer website ahead of the competition:

  1. Keywords SEO is a matter of analyzing online traffic, then applying those results to your legal content. SEO is divided into three categories: Page; URL; and Keyword. Professional lawyer website marketing firms make strategic SEO determinations backed by an immense amount of skill, experience, and knowledge. These keywords are specific to your Internet brand, legal content descriptions, and location. If your practice has existing lawyers’ websites, and you prefer to do-it-yourself, you can pull the URL from the most productive 20-30 pages and record those URLs in an Excel spreadsheet in the column next to the corresponding page identification. From there, you can create keywords that you think would draw legal consumers to your site.  
  2. Metadata – Accurate metadata within titles and tags is important because search engine crawlers identify your Internet brand through optimized legal content. This is a matter of pulling the keyword descriptions recorded in the Excel spreadsheet and applying those keywords and key-phrases to your metadata. This is how legal consumers find you on line. They enter a search engine query that corresponds to your keywords and a search engine rank page (SERP) appears. Depending upon the quality of your metadata, and other SEO considerations, a listing of websites for lawyers appears that includes your Internet brand – if not within the first 15 or so listings, it should surface on a subsequent SERP that can be accessed by clicking next.
  3. Legal content. Take a gander at the most recent 30 or more legal blogs posted to your lawyer website. Consider the keywords you developed as you glance through your written work. Do you see any places that these keywords can be incorporated into your legal blogs or other legal content? If so, do a rewrite optimizing your legal content and legal blogs using those keywords, then linking those exact keywords back to your site. Google’s algorithms like good links. This not only drives legal consumers to websites for lawyers, it also enhances your SERP position making both your online and offline law offices easy to locate.

Save valuable time with the SEO professionals & Legal Copywriters

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