Lawyer Blog Writers Discuss Types of Blog Posts For Legal Blogs

There are a number of different types of blog posts and while you may primarily write one specific type, you may want to mix up those types of posts in order to keep your blog fresh and to keep your audience interested. Consider the various blog types you may want to add:

  • Informational posts may be one of the most-used types of blog posts. The informational post simply lays out specific knowledge about a particular subject. Most of us are familiar with the informational post as we use it when we type in a question in our search box with a goal of finding out a certain answer. Such sites as “How Stuff Works” is a good example of an informational blog site.
  • Inspirational blog posts are meant to offer material to the reader which helps them improve their life, or at least some aspect of their life. Inspirational blog posts motivate others while allowing the blogger to share their successes or challenges.
  • Many of the blog postings you will run across contain some sort of list such as “The Top Five Ways You Can…” or “Seven Mistakes Parents Make.” Resource lists can help your readers find additional information on your products and services as well.
  • Instructional blog postings explain how to do something—or at least one aspect of a particular thing.
  • If you have ever purchased anything on the Internet then you are likely very familiar with reviews. Blog postings regarding how others feel about purchases they’ve made can help you decide whether you want to make the same purchase. A comparison post is similar to a review post only it compares one product to another rather than simply talking about a single product. You could write a post which compares yellow dish soap to blue dish soap and allow readers to contribute their own opinions about which dish soap is better.
  • Similar to a review post a “problem” post allows searchers to find others who have had the same issue or problem they are having. A problem post is, by its very definition, a negative review of a product, person or entity. Many of us will look up problem posts when we experience a negative issue with something or someone and wonder if others have had the same issue.
  • Interview posts are a good way for bloggers to mix up their normal blog posts by bringing in a new perspective. If your blog is about quarter horses, you might conduct an interview with an expert who has a new or innovative way of accomplishing a particular task.
  • A profile blog post is similar to the interview post, but rather than an actual interview, you will be profiling another person in your niche, giving your readers a different viewpoint.
  •  “Quick Tips” blog posts are similar to informational blog posts however they are very short—between 100 and 250 words about a subject which doesn’t really warrant an entire post but about which you have something to say.
  • You can work in a debate post on your blog either by presenting an unbiased opinion on both sides of an issue or by bringing in a guest blogger to debate the issue with you. You can also ask your readers a particular question and let the debate ensue through the comments section.
  • A “rant” post usually occurs when you are stirred up about an issue. Perhaps you just went to the motor vehicle office and ended up waiting five hours then had to deal with a rude clerk. You write a rant about your experience and others who may have had a similar experience chime in. Caution is advised with rant posts as heated discussions can take a nasty turn.

As you can see there are many different types of blog postings—even more than are listed here—and it can do your blog a world of good to throw in a different type occasionally.

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Lawyer Blog Writers Discuss Types of Blog Posts For Legal Blogs
Lawyer Blog Writers Discuss Types of Blog Posts For Legal Blogs
Lawyer blog writers offers a few tips and advice on the different types of blog posts to generate new clients from a legal blog.
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