Lawyer Website Content Writers Suggest SEO Audit For Law Firm Websites

Audits are not relegated to one specific area in the modern day and age. Audits can now be done online as a way of making sure your website content is of the highest quality. Our experienced SEO professionals and lawyer website content writers provide a list of important things to check when conducting your own law firm SEO audit.

Title Tags

Each page needs to have an appropriate title tag. There is a simple way of checking the title tag for every page. Right click and choose ‘Page Source.’ Then, hit ‘Control F’ which will bring up a search box. Search for the word title. Check to make sure each title contains your law firm name and appropriate keywords.

Meta Descriptions

The same way you searched for your title tag should be done to check your descriptions. After you have right clicked and chosen ‘Page Source,’ it’s time to hit ‘Control F’ and search for the word description. Make sure you find it and that it also has a short description on what that specific page is about.


Headings are extremely important on each page. In the same way you conducted the previous two searches, do the same search for headings. But after you click ‘Control F’, search for <h1> instead of the word headings. If there is more than one <h1>, then remove the excess ones. Also be sure that each heading reads well, much like an intriguing headline found in a newspaper.

Contact Information

Your law firm’s contact information should be easily accessible from every page. Go through each page and check for contact info. If your law firm has multiple offices, make sure the different addresses are all included on your website.

Site search

Go to Google and search for your law firm. Type in your URL and check the results. The number of results should equal the amount of pages you have on your site. If each page does not show up in a separate result, it means that your pages have not been indexed properly.

Internal URL

Visit each of your internal pages and check the URL. Each URL should describe the specific page. If it is a longer URL with question marks, numbers and sporadic text, it is not done correctly. Make a note of each page that has that kind of text in its URL as those pages will need to be fixed.


Sometimes links can become broken. Check all your links, but not just the ones that go to other sites. Check every link that takes you through your own website. Make sure there is some kind of structure to it as well. Links should be checked regularly as they are an important factor when it comes to rankings.


Quality content is key for achieving top SEO results. Make sure each page is at least 300 words. You can also check for an overuse of keywords. When keywords are used too frequently on a page, it can give off the appearance of spam. Also assess the value of the content on each page. Keyword placement should be considered as well. Targeted keywords should be strategically placed in the beginning part of the first few paragraphs.


Search engines cannot read images so each image needs to tell the search engines what is all about. Make sure the ‘Alt Tag’ is used for each image on your website. Go through your images and check to make sure each one contains an ‘Alt Tag’ as well as an adequate description of the image. Each image’s file name is also important and should have relevant descriptions that contain keywords.

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Lawyer Website Content Writers Suggest SEO Audit For Law Firm Websites
Lawyer Website Content Writers Suggest SEO Audit For Law Firm Websites
Our professional lawyer website content writers recommend and suggest that your firm completes an SEO audit for all of your law firm websites.