Legal Content Writer Explains Why Google Loves Fresh Content

A Legal Content Writer from our company discusses the importance of fresh, unique and search engine friendly content.

As an attorney who appreciates the value of content creation, or who perhaps is seeking a deeper understanding of why content matters, there is good news. You are already a cut above the majority of attorneys who are not blogging or creating content in other forms and missing out an abundance of potential traffic and possible client leads. It is no secret that Google and other search engines love content, but it may influence you more to continue (or start) writing blogs if you actually understand why content is so compelling.

In a nutshell, Google’s goal is to produce the most relevant, topical and timely content for its users in order to maintain its status as the most used search engine. The algorithms, or equations, it uses to rank your website are based on a TON of factors and criteria. Google continues to get smarter every day, if not every hour, so the days of “tricking” the algorithms into thinking your site deserves the number one spot in results are over. What Google primarily searches for is quality, relevant and fresh content. When your law firm consistently creates content that pertains to your website’s purpose, Google rewards you with a higher quality score. Higher quality scores equate to more power in the eyes of the search engine and therefore result in higher rankings. It’s that simple.

Legal Content Writer Says, “Give Google What It Wants!”

If you now understand what Google wants in regards to consistent, valuable content, your next question should be how you can create content that gives Google what it wants. Good content speaks to an audience and addresses the needs of your target market. Great content speaks to their needs AND the needs of Google and its algorithms. You can ensure you will get the most bang for your buck if you are producing well-written content that is also armed with SEO (search engine optimization). Blogging without SEO will still be beneficial, and if anything choosing not to write will only serve to hold back your website. Your content will naturally have some SEO based on the subject you are writing on and the words contained within your blogs. However, there are many ways your content can be bolstered with additional forms of SEO.

Pro Tip: For more advanced legal content writers who have knowledge of SEO, it is recommended that you perform your due diligence and evaluate your competition. Using a tool such as Serpstat allows you to assess your competition and their use of keywords to see what they are ranking well, or not so well, for. It will provide keyword opportunities for you to base your next blog articles considering you will have a better idea of what topics your audience is interested in and keywords that are creating traction.

Key Content Creation Takeaways for Law Firms

The key takeaway is that regardless of your experience or knowledge of content creation, you can develop a strategy that works for you and helps you reach your goals. You certainly do not need to be an expert to start blogging and reaping benefit. Starting to create content and giving Google the fuel it needs to rank your site higher is the best first step you can take. As you move through the blogging experience, you can implement more advanced tactics such as SEO or keyword research, but not having these skills at the outset should not deter you. Blog and blog often, and you will soon recognize and appreciate the fruits of your labor.

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Legal Content Writer Explains Why Google Loves Fresh Content
An expert Legal Content Writer explains why content really is king and why search engines like Google love fresh, original content such as blogs or web pages.
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