Nine Twitter Techniques for Lawyers

Twitter is an excellent way for lawyers to broaden their online presence and usher in a wealth of new clients. When operating your Twitter account, here are some informative tidbits that could make for a more productive experience.

1. Get involved in Twitter Chats

These are also referred to as Twitter parties. These chats take place at a pre-determined time and consist of a bunch of people tweeting with the use of the same specific hashtag. Normally, one user is designated as the host and leads the conversation. Sometimes, there are guest tweeters while other versions follow a question and answer format.

2. Use Hashtags

Don’t forget the importance of hashtags. They could prove to be an amazing benefit, especially when it comes to attracting new followers. It will also help people find you easier. Don’t be afraid to make up your own hashtags such as #TopChicagoDivorceAttorney or something of that nature. Try to use hashtags when presenting at a conference or seminar as well.

3. Compose a public list

You have the option of making both public and private lists on Twitter. These lists consist of users who are relevant in a particular field. Your Twitter list can serve as a sort of filter for what you see. It is a more concise way of keeping up with the people you value most on Twitter.

4. Follow Fridays

Fridays on Twitter have come to be known as #FollowFriday or #FF. This is when you recommend people to follow. When you recommend people, most times those people will do the same for you. It’s not a good idea to recommend everyone who is following you. That could cause you to show up as spam. A good idea is to pick out a small group and let people know why they should follow those users.

5. Free resources

Come up with something free to give away, such as an e-book or resource guide. But offer up a catch as well. Tell your followers they need to tweet it in order to receive your free resource. This will not only increase your followers but it will also get your Twitter handle in front of a lot of new users.

6. Tweet every blog post

There is no reason any of your blog posts should not be tweeted out. You can even do this a second and third time, but make sure you tweet other stuff in between. You don’t want to just start trying to force your content onto people.

7. Separate your social media posts

There is the option to combine all your social media so that every time you tweet, it also goes out to your Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It’s better to do each one individually as it only takes a matter of seconds to customize each post. Take the time to make each one a little different so that your other forms of social media are not just the same exact thing.

8. Use a management tool

Twitter has management tools to help make for more efficient time management. TweetDeck is a popular choice which allows you to create columns that feature followers who are a high priority. Hootsuite is also a useful management tool with excellent Analytics. Either of these tools could make your Twitter life a whole lot easier.

9. Beef up your Retweets

It’s good to retweet but you can increase the value of a retweet by adding your own thought. Include a short sentence to your retweet explaining to your followers why you are sharing someone else’s content. Tell them why that tweet is of importance or value.

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Nine Twitter Techniques for Lawyers
New legal marketing advice that explains the nine new Twitter techniques for that lawyers must implement in 2014.