Promoting Your Law Firm’s Blog

Blogs are not started, nor are articles written, simply to have content on a page – or at least they shouldn’t be! Blog articles are written to advise, inform, and even entertain your audience. However, that can be a little difficult to do if you don’t actually have an audience yet. In order to build your audience and build it well, there will need to be a lot of promoting for your firm’s new law blog.

Email: Send out an email with a link to your firm’s blog. Sure, that email will be received by current clients, instead of new ones, but add in a line or two about forwarding it on to anyone that might find it useful. You may also consider adding in some kind of a referral reward program for any current clients you have; mention that in your email and the amount of people who will forward it will multiply. In addition to sending out an email specific to the launch of your firm’s blog, add a link to your signature line in your emails. Some people would much rather read some articles that you’ve written to make sure that you are the right fit, before they contact you.

Links: Check out any other relevant blogs and articles. Make smart comments, and link back to your firm’s new blog when you do.  It may seem “spammy” at first glance, but if it truly is a relevant article and comment, most readers will want to know more information. A link to your new blog may provide them with an additional resource that they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Social media: Social media is probably the easiest and most visible form of promotion for your legal blog. From professional sites, such as LinkedIn, to personal ones, such as your own Facebook page – or even the crossover types, like Twitter – you can set up these sites to automatically push your articles. Or, even better, you can manually post to them yourself and add in a few lines to make it specific to each page’s audience – and your future clientele. Also, at the end of each blog post, include links for readers to share that article on each social media page, or send it via email.

Tags/keywords: This tip is not necessarily about marketing or promoting your new blog to your potential clients, but it is a critical point in allowing it to be found by them. In order to make your blog easier to find online, make sure you are using the correct keywords. Using both specific and vague keywords can be more helpful in getting more results from search engines, or from clients searching within your law firm’s site.

Quality content: No matter how much promoting and marketing you do for your new blog, the loyalty of your readers and the quality of your clients will still be dependent on the content of your blog. Quality leads are directly connected to quality content. If you aren’t sure what makes up “quality content” for your firm, start by listing out the top questions or concerns you receive from clients. Take each question and answer it in the form of a blog post. If you are short on time – or short on the quality content needed to bring in new clients, considering hiring a legal content writing firm.

If you still have questions about promoting your new legal blog, or have questions on how to develop your blog further, call us today to speak with a content writing expert – not a salesperson! We can review your blog for free and offer helpful advice that will translate into new clients for you. Call us today at (800) 877-2776!