Tips For Attracting New Clients Through Your Law Blog

Blogging can be a lot of work that often times seems less rewarding than expected. Especially when launching a site for the first time with the hope it will create or generate immediate success for your business. Unfortunately, just like any other venture, there are many factors, besides time, that play into success. The most important thing you should realize is your blog will be a constant work in progress–trying to improve your blog, its content, and overall functioning. Initially, you will have many thoughts and ideas of your own, as well as the plethora of information and advice out there. The key in the beginning is to not get too overwhelmed, and just take the information as it comes. There will be a time and place to evaluate everything on an “as needed” basis. You’re better off focusing on the big picture before launching your blog–effective blogging. The following are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Be consistent and work hard. Consistency is key. In order to be a successful blogger you must write frequently and consistently, probably a lot more than you think. Practice makes perfect. The more often you write, the better your writing will become. The frequency of your posts and how often you update content on your blog plays directly into the amount visibility you get from search engines. The more content you publish, the greater likelihood of increased viewership and traffic to your site.  Most effective bloggers work hard. There’s no way around it. Creating a successful blog requires a lot of time and effort put into planning, researching, writing, and editing.
  2. Be concise and keep things simple.  Effective communication generally requires a level of simplicity with imparting thoughts and information. Effective blogging is no different. It’s important to be simple, clear, and concise with your overall language and message. Most often this translates into shorter posts, with the goal of gaining the readers’ attention and keeping them engaged enough to finish the article to its end. Ultimately, visitors want to be able to take away something from what they read. This also means they need to digest what they’ve read. A few ways to keep posts simple and concise and to capture the attention of your reader is to divide your copy into short paragraphs, or use number lists or bullet points to keep the reader scanning. Also consider using catchy subheadings so readers can feel like they are using their time more efficiently to search for relevant articles or information.
  3. Be aware of your audience. When developing a successful blogging platform it’s absolutely essential to know who your audience is and to be aware of them in every possible way. Knowing your reader, and what they expect is crucial to producing content.
  4. You can look to your own readers when writing posts, by observing what they respond to and care about. There are also many statistics and analytics available about your blog you can learn from. This too is directly related to visitor behavior. This information also gives you additional insight into your viewership, where they originated, or what sites, search engines, search terms, and even what countries they are from. Effective bloggers have an awareness about their audience that gives them the knowledge they need to understand what kind of content is best suited for their readers.
  5. Be open to learning, change and improvement. If you recently created a blog, and are new to blogging, you’ve probably looked at a lot of information and received a lot of advice on getting started. You’re presently on quite a steep learning curve, and that’s expected. Once you start blogging and get your feet wet, things will be a lot easier and understandable, and it won’t seem like there is so much to learn. You will eventually figure out and create a system conducive for yourself and your business. But it’s important not to get too comfortable. The Internet, its functioning, effectiveness, and productivity regarding communications, marketing, and creating business opportunities are truly limitless and continue to evolve faster than we ever imagined. So if you want to keep up, you have to keep learning and be willing to change and improve your strategies and outlook.

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