Tips For Creating a Successful Law Firm Lead Generation Blog

When creating a new blog for your business, there are several aesthetic and functional aspects to consider. Both types of decisions are equally important. The choices you make when developing a blog can make a tremendous difference with its success. The following are a few tips to help you get started:

Create a Cohesive Look

When starting any kind of business, whether it’s a product or service, it’s important to create an identity your customers can associate with, namely from a visual perspective. This begins with the business itself and should extend into all aspects of marketing and exposure, including social media. The look and feel of your website, Twitter, blog, etc, should be identifiably consistent with all other offline business marketing endeavors. For example, if you have a logo, incorporate it into the themes of your overall design, including your blog. Also, consider using certain colors consistently. If you think you aren’t the best person to implement an overall design strategy, hire a freelance designer to give input, or you can have them customize a theme designed for your business. Don’t underestimate a brands consistent visual message to attract online traffic to your blog and website.

Decide on Relevant Content Topics

Once you have created a consistent design scheme, the next thing to consider is content. One of the most important factors that play a role is content relevance. Knowing you have a somewhat targeted subject matter as a result of your particular area of practice, its necessary to focus on those specific issues or problems commonly associated with your field. In fact, for the most part, visitors will expect this when browsing your current or archived blog posts. Most readers are looking for specific content when searching for blogs online. So try and think of what your target reader seeks in terms of information, and then formulate content that attempts to solve their problems or at least puts them in the right direction.

Blog Consistently

Creating a schedule to update your blog posts is essential to creating a consistent audience. In order to determine what works for you, it’s necessary to determine the frequency you are capable of handling. You may or may not be the one writing your blog articles, so understanding your own work obligations and demands may come into play when creating a schedule, whether you update posts daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. No matter how often you update your posts, developing a consistent schedule will help to establish a dialogue with your audience and what they can expect in terms of the timing of new content.

Utilize Other Multi-Media Content.

Text only articles do not have to be your singular option with blog posts. Articles can also come in the form of multi-media content such as videos, audio, podcasts, digital PDF reports and mobile accessible content. The more variety you post, the better it is in terms of engaging your audience.

For example, online readers love to watch YouTube videos. Their website alone, generates millions of viewers on a daily basis. Also, the search process of search engines on the web, gives rank to videos almost as much as text only articles about a given topic. It is now common to receive both video and traditional text article results. There are many ways to use and include videos as part of your blog content strategy. For example, a seminar with a guest speaker that discusses and highlights a particular issue associated with your area of law. Utilizing other forms of multi-media is a great way to present to post content and keep things interesting for your audience.

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