Ways for Lawyers to Increase Blog Traffic with Google+ Circles

There is a lot to know when it comes to blogging for lawyers and law firms. There is also a lot that can help increase traffic to their blogs. Making the most out of Google+ Circles is a key to welcoming new visitors, who could turn into potential clients. Here are some helpful ways to accomplish that.


Expanding your Google+ circles is not going to just magically happen. It will take some daily interaction. Set aside about 10-20 minutes to read some other blogs and comment on them. Also offer some Plus Ones on the blogs you enjoy. Those people will notice this and give you a closer look. Chances are, many of them will start following you back.

Start a community

Community is what Google Circles is all about. Facilitating a new group or community is always good for your brand. This community does not necessarily have to consist of lawyers. It would be better to attract ordinary people who are seeking out legal advice or tips. If you can become a source for that information and a center of a specific community, the benefits could be very extensive.

Start a hangout

Hangouts are another service offered by Google. You can start your own Hangout, which is essentially a way people can send messages back and forth. Think of it as a chat in which you invite people to ask you questions about a specific legal practice area for about an hour. That kind of open forum could go a long way in establishing credibility as well as developing relationships. In order to maximize your hangout, you can create a Google Circle of people to invite.

Share niche content 

Go through your circles and decide who is best suited to read your content on a specific niche. Then, share it with them accordingly. When you diagnose a target audience, there is a greater chance of developing leads. Delve into your niche and try to establish yourself as an expert.

Add people to your circles

Then more people you have in your circles, the more people will see your blog posts. Google+ is very different from Facebook when it comes to profiles. There are fewer fakes and much more business-minded people on Google+. Follow someone on Google+ and they are most likely to follow you back. One tip is to make sure your Google+ profile is informative. People will add you more often if you have a solid profile.

Link up with your blog

There should be a way for readers to get from your blog to your Google+ profile. A direct connect code can be implemented onto your blog and makes this easy. That direct connection should also go to your actual website. You want to give people the option of accessing your circles with a couple of quick clicks.

Make your circle appealing

No one wants to just join an empty circle. So before you start requesting people to join, fill up your page with posts. Make them informative and give people plenty of reasons why they should join your circles. Think of it as starting a blog. No one is going to start following you without any informative posts.

Google+ search functions

This is a way for people to browse through specific areas of interest. It allows you to explore a ‘What’s Hot’ section to see who is sharing certain kinds of content. Google will even suggest groups of people who are posting topics that may be of interest you. It makes finding the right people for your Circles a whole lot easier.

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Ways for Lawyers to Increase Blog Traffic with Google+ Circles
The top strategies in 2014 for lawyers to Increase blog traffic and generating leads from Google+ circles and Google social media.