Why Conversion Rates Depend on Writing for Real People

One of the most important things you should remember when writing content is that you are writing first and foremost for real people. Although you want your content to also attract search engines, if the content on your pages is not written in such a way that your average reader will understand, then nothing else matters. The choices you make regarding grammar, vocabulary and design all work together to grab and hold the attention of your target audience. This means that you will choose every day, familiar words—words which are both ordinary and current. This can be especially difficult for attorneys who must use “legalese” when writing legal documents, arguing before a judge or even speaking to their peers. You must go the extra mile and write in a way that the non-attorney will have no difficulty understanding. If you must use specialized legal terminology, give simple, easy-to-understand definitions in the most unobtrusive manner possible.

Avoid Legal Terminology

Aside from being careful about using legal terminology, you must also curb the tendency to write only for your particular geographical location. Many figures of speech, metaphors, similes and analogies—while giving your writing color and life—also reflect certain cultural experiences that your readers may not be familiar with. In other words, don’t assume that just because you live and work in a particular state that every other resident who might need your legal services is also from the state and will understand cultural or regional terminology. Beyond watching your use of jargon, remember that real people simply have little time in our busy society in which to leisurely read and digest. Readers scan web pages in order to decide whether the content holds relevance for them in their current situation. Should the headings not immediately grab their attention, they may not even bother to continue reading the content.

Tips For Keeping Your Reader Engaged

Keep the spaces surrounding your content clear and simple and design your headings, graphics and charts with a built-in “comfort factor.” Human beings tend to gravitate toward the familiar, therefore maintain adequate white space and type which is large enough to easily read. Today’s readers have much different needs and expectations than the audience of even a decade ago. SEO articles must be written for real people and must be unique, original and useful in order to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Of course you must use keywords strategically in order to move up in the page rankings, but those keywords must appear naturally within the content rather than appearing contrived. In the end, humans want to read content that is, well, readable. Take care not to repeat the same words over and over and ensure a good informational flow. Write an information-rich article with emphasis on your main keyword—but only when it fits within the context to your sentences.

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