10 Ways to Get Your Law Firm Blog Content Shared

Writing a great blog is not always enough to get it read. There needs to be another effort which showcase your blog to the rest of the online world. Here are the 10 best ways to get your law firm blog content shared.

  1. Use sharing buttons in your blog. There are literally hundreds of sharing options to choose from. Make sure every blog post is equipped with some kind of sharing button. If someone enjoys your article, one click is all it takes them to share it. The sharing could come from a long line of social media outlets. Content that is easy to share often gets passed around the Internet far more frequently.
  2. Become active on social media. Sharing other content on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook has a tendency to be reciprocal.When you share other people’s content, others will be more likely share your content. Set aside about a half-hour a day to devote to social media. Get to know your your target audience as well as your competition. This is a whole new way to make your content visible to the rest of the online world.
  3. Check your watch. Sharing content in the middle of the night is not going to get you many readers, unless of course you are targeting a late-night crowd. Figure out when your audience has the greatest presence online and then share your content at the appropriate time.
  4. Utilize Twitter. There are software programs which offer a button that reads “Click to Tweet.” Incorporating this button in your blog post is an easy way to get your content shared on Twitter. If your blog is not equipped with this feature, get it as it will help out immensely.
  5. Share content from other blogs. Including links to other blogs within your own blogs will eventually pay off. Others will recognize you linking to their blogs and usually wind up returning the favor. You could even contact other bloggers and agree to link back and forth to each other’s site to generate more visits for the both of you.
  6. Include images in your blog posts. Millions of images are shared on Facebook and Twitter every day. Be sure you don’t infringe on anyone’s copyrighted images in your posts. Do it right and people could wind up sharing your blog post because of its image. Making images Pinterest friendly is another way of getting your content shared. You can do that by including a PinIT button within your post.
  7. Use Google Plus. There is the option of creating target shared circles on Google Plus. The more people you add to a shared circle, the more avenues you will have to share your content.
  8. Share via email. As you continue to build an email list, remember to share your content with all those in your address book. There are also tools available that can help you in building your email list. Make it a point to email your contacts when new content is posted.
  9. Double share. Say you wrote a top-notch article two weeks ago and you want more people to read it. There is nothing wrong with sharing it again. Tell your readers and followers, “In case you missed it, here is my article on so and so.” Don’t overdo it, but there’s nothing wrong with sharing content a second time around.
  10. Create a strong title. A blog with a strong title is more likely to get shared. Titles with numbers in them also have a greater chance of being shared. Keywords are important to include in a title as well since they help with search engine optimization.

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10 Ways to Get Your Law Firm Blog Content Shared
10 Ways to Get Your Law Firm Blog Content Shared
James Greenier, a legal content writing expert shares 10 innovative ways to help get your law firm blog content shared on the Internet.