Avoid These When Creating Content For Your Law Firm Blog

Bad blogging is bad for business. It does nothing to generate leads. It can also do a decent amount of damage in what has become a modern online world. Success has become contingent upon the important do’s and don’ts in law firm blogging.

Here’s a look at some of the important things you should not do when writing a business blog.

  1. Don’t write it like business manual – If you look at a company’s mission statement, it will usually be some fancy, drawn-out statement. Don’t allow your blog sound like that. Also don’t reiterate some kind of boring company policy like “Our goal is to provide the optimum service with maximum product value.” Stuff like that is just boring. Write as though you are having a normal conversation and not like you are some corporate drone or HR rep.
  2. Don’t get too personal – An individual writes a business blog, although that individual is still a representative of the company. Business bloggers should put the company first. That means avoid talking about personal issues and opinions. There is a business behind the blog and not just one individual.
  3. Don’t make a business blog sound like a business website – The two are completely different entities. Websites are more basic and serve the purpose of providing more general information. A blog is ever changing and always evolving. A blog can also be much more creative, informative and entertaining. Make sure that your business blog is not just a recreation of the same things that can be found on your company website.
  4. Don’t blog like a bad blind date – A bad blind date shows up looking bad. Similarly, the appearance of your blog says a lot. Always make sure your blog post show up looking their best. That means using images, bullet points and proper spacing. A bad blind date also rambles on and on about nothing. Make sure your blog does not ramble on without making a point. Lastly, a bad blind date is boring. Be certain that your blog has something interesting to say and keeps readers’ attention.
  5. Don’t air dirty laundry – What happens within the company stays within the company. Even if business is bad, don’t say so. You want to portray your business the best way you possibly can. No matter what is going on internally, keep business blogs positive and professional.
  6. Don’t be scared – Don’t let your business blogger be too afraid to make a point or take a stance. If your blog topics only discuss your newest products or launches, readers will grow bored. Good businesses want to showcase their growth as a company. That is done by engaging readers and showing the company has enough backbone to take a stand.
  7. Don’t blog like a salesperson – We know the goal of a business is to make money through sales. But coming at readers like a salesperson is a sure fire way to chase them away. Content that is driven by a sales pitch makes for a very impersonal read. People do not want to hear sales pitches when reading a blog. Too much focus on sales will chase readers away.
  8. Don’t trash talk your competition – Business blogs that attack their competition generally come across as petty. Plus, those companies you are trashing may be companies that are favored by your readers. Using this tactic does nothing to promote your own business. It also provides hints of jealousy and inadequacy, two unbecoming traits of any business.

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Avoid These When Creating Content For Your Law Firm Blog
Avoid These When Creating Content For Your Law Firm Blog
Legal Content Writers suggests some techniques to avoid when writing or creating content for your law firm blog.