5 Ways to Get Started with a New Law Firm Blog

Creating a new business blog may seem intimidating at first, and leave you wondering where to begin. Fortunately, the process may be a lot simpler than you expect. It only requires a little bit of effort and thought. Consider the following basic tips to get started with your new law firm business blog:

  • Pick a blog service. There are several blog services available online. HubSpot, WordPress, Blogger, to name a few. They are all are easy to use, and can be customized to your personal taste and preferences. This should take no time at all to set up.
  • Hosting your blog. The best place to host your blog is on your own website, whether you set it up as a main page of your website or as a subdomain. If you leave it on its original domain, for example, mybusiness.wordpress.com, your domain won’t be getting any of the SEO credit from your blogging efforts. Normally, this change is typically a paid service, so it may be in your best interest to contact your website developer to make sure the change is facilitated properly.
  • Site visitors. Traffic on your site generally will be either a result of an inquiry or seeking a response to a problem your business can help address. Think about the primary field of law or legal specialty and the most common issues associated with subject-matter of your practice, and then think of what a site visitor would search for in Google to address or solve that problem. These should be your very first keywords.
  • Keywords related to your legal business. Compile a list of key words you commonly use in your area of practice, and implement these words when blogging or titling articles. Concentrate on keywords or phrases, especially if your practice is located in a certain geographic area.  This is a great way to target blog and website visitors. It’s also important to choose keywords that are highly relevant to your business. The more particular your word choice is, the easier it will be to get ranked and to get on the front page of Google.  And this should be relatively easy for you,  as such words should be specific to your business and the types of services you provide. Both of these are essential to driving quality traffic to your site.
  • Your first blog post.  Keep in mind that blogging is more conversational, and less formal in nature than an advertisement, so try not to “sell “ yourself too much with your language.  Remember, you’re trying to educate the public and generate interest regarding your business and how you can address their problems.  No one cares about your business unless and until you can help create solutions, and solve problems. Keep all your posts as informative and educational as possible. You may also consider linking to other resources online, providing the very best value you can for your readership.
  • Blog consistently. People are searching for solutions and seeking help for their legal issues all the time, everyday. This never stops. That’s why it’s necessary for you to keep your blog as consistent and active as possible, so that you’re constantly generating visitors to your site, and potentially gaining new clients. It’s important to consistently maintain an online presence, keeping yourself and your business in front of others on a regular basis.

To speak with one of our blogging experts for additional help or for more information on how to get started with your new law firm blog, call toll free (800) 877-2776. We are here and ready to assist you with all of your blogging needs.