Tips for Creating a Profitable Law Firm Blog

There is no doubt that more law firms businesses are realizing the importance of blogging to establish their company awareness online. Other key benefits to blogging are gaining rank in the hierarchy of search results, and improving communication with prospective customers. However, as more companies create blogs, it becomes more difficult for blogs to get exposure, and therefore to generate money. The following are some helpful tips to make your new law firm blog a profitable marketing tool:

1. Blogging for your audience. As the blogosphere becomes more saturated with users seeking information, it’s important to know your customer and the issues they are likely to face in your area of expertise. People are eager to find and use content relevant to their needs and issues, which is why the more focused you become with topics related to your potential client, the greater the likelihood of attracting such visitors. By choosing keyword-rich category content, you can greatly increase your search engine visibility and drive more qualified leads to your site.

2. Utilize blog directories. Although there may be costs involved with submitting your site to blog directories, there are many opportunities to do so where it can be mostly free. Many blog directories that charge a nominal fee may have special offers, limited offers, etc ay any given time. However, there are also several free blog directories worth submitting to. A few of the most popular free blog directories are Jayde, Exact Seek, A Million Sites, Canadopedia, and Re-Quest, among others.

3. Promoting your blog’s newsfeed. All blog platforms create a feed for syndication, but some blogs do not have this function readily available. Make sure you check the status of your blog, and speak with your developer to ensure your blog and website are set properly.

4. Include an email subscription. When searching for content online, not all users are so tech and Internet savvy. For example, many readers do not know how to subscribe to a newsfeed. However, everyone knows how to subscribe to an email newsletter. Look to implement a program that allows you to set up an email subscription via newsletters. Several of these programs also enable you to create newsfeeds and track subscribers.

5. Ping with your blog. Making others aware of any and all updates you make with your blog, even on a regular basis is essential in maintaining a presence with your visitors and potential clients. There are dozens of websites and users out there that will be eager to read your updated content. Take advantage of everyone’s need for new information by “pinging” them—making them aware each time your blog is updated. This will help you get the word out faster. A few of the best, most popular ping service websites to look into are Totalping, Pingoat, Pingomatic, and Googleping.

6. Include bookmark links. There are several, very useful bookmarking sites which are popular in the social networking community. Their purpose is to generate thousands of additional page views, making it easier on visitors to promote your posts by including links to these services within every post. This is a valuable tool to consider for gaining greater online awareness for your law firm business blog.

7. Leverage your blog traffic into actual business. Don’t forget this is a business blog you are attempting to establish. You want to be able to create a direct link between your blog and your business profitability. The primary way this is achieved is by driving traffic from your blog to your business website. It’s also important to note that visitors won’t become subscribers or customers if you’re doing nothing but promoting your own legal practice. Take a more skillful approach with how you write your blog to establish your expertise and build relationships with readers. This will make it easier for them to contact you directly, if and when they’re ready to consult with you for their legal needs.

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