Attorney Blogging Services Provides Tools for Lawyers Who Blog

Our attorney blogging services blog discusses some excellent tools for lawyers who blog.

Blogging no longer consists of just putting the right words together. There is now much more that goes into creating and maintaining a successful blog. A wide assortment of tools can help bloggers operate more efficiently and many of those tools can be of great use to lawyers and law firms who blog.  Consider the following tips:

Get creative with Flickr 

Every blog post should contain some kind of picture. But in the midst of a hectic workday, finding the right picture could take up valuable time. Finding the right picture can be made easy if you know where to look. Stop by Flickr’s Creative Commons for a wide selection of free pictures. It does not take long to become familiar with this tool as it is easy to operate and navigate. It will also save you time and help fill your posts with easy-to-find photos.

Bring on your Instagram with Snap Widget

Instagram may not be the most popular social media site for lawyers who blog, but it definitely has its advantages. SnapWidget offers a free widget that will allow you to embed a picture gallery within your web page. Lawyers are not trying to sell products so this may not be as commonly used, although it is a great way to show real pictures of real lawyers. If there is something that you would like to promote with visual aids, the Snap Widget download could be the perfect solution.

Add appeal with a WWSGD Plug-in

Plug-ins are a great way to add to the overall appeal of your blog. This particular plug-in was built on Seth Godin’s premise that you can use cookies to treat returning guests differently than new users. The WWSGD plug-in actually adds a small box to the top of your screen which can be customized. It entices readers to subscribe to you RSS feed and is actually an acronym for ‘What Would Seth Godin Do.’

Seek counsel at Copyblogger

There are always ways to improve your content and what you do with it. Copyblogger provides you with plenty of information on how to stay updated with the world of blogging. This website offers insight in the form of articles, webinars and e-books. It is basically a one-stop shop for helpful tidbits on the finer points of blogging.

Get to Dafont of the line

Adding new and eye-popping fonts is a great way to keep your blog posts looking fresh. Dafont offers a variety of different fonts that are easy to download. Content may be king but if your blog posts do not have an appealing look, it could deter readers. Try adding some new fonts for a sleek new look.

Stay updated with Pro Blogger keeps you up to date on what’s going on in the blogging world. It provides an online forum, workbook and blog about all the latest stuff in the business of blogging. It is a good way for bloggers to stay fresh with latest trends and tools that keep popping up.

Count your Twitter

When it comes to blogging, it is highly recommended that you promote each post via your Twitter account. After a while, there will be the need to see just how effectively that form of social media is working for you. There is an easy way to gauge those numbers. Log on to Twitter Counter and see just how many people you are reaching. Remember that social media and blogging go hand in hand and Twitter can be a great source for lawyers who blog.

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Attorney Blogging Services Provides Tools for Lawyers Who Blog
Attorney Blogging Services Provides Tools for Lawyers Who Blog
Our professional attorney blogging services provides a few tools for lawyers who blog and provide a free consultation on blog writing services.