Attorney Blog Writing Services Provides Keyword Tools for Law Firm Blogs

Our attorney blog writing services blog presents this article on keyword tools for law firm blogging.

Finding the right keywords is something that is on every blogger’s agenda. Coming up with quality content always calls for the use of appropriate keywords. Now, there are ways to help with this task thanks to the following free keyword tools:

  • Google Trends – Google remains the worldwide leader and Trends will show you the hottest searches while also detailing which keywords are in the highest demand. You can find out which keywords are searched most by people in a specific practice area. It will show the popularity of certain keywords and serves as an integral tool when developing a plan for your firm’s SEO needs.
  • Google Auto-Complete – When searching for something on Google, it will attempt to complete your search for you. This is particularly helpful when it comes to finding long-tail keywords. The use of long-tail keywords is becoming more popular and productive. As more law firms take to the Internet, there needs to be a bit more uniqueness to keywords instead of something like ‘divorce attorney.’ Go to Google and see what suggestions you can find.
  • Google AdWords – Once again, Google brings you the best with its free AdWords Tool. This tool was originally constructed for advertisers looking for strong keywords to help influence marketing purchases. However, bloggers can also use this tool to identify strong keywords. One of the best parts of this keyword tool is that it shows high volume searches that are specific to your topic.
  • Keyword Spy – What better way to find out more on your competition than to spy on them. Keyword Spy allows you to do just that. Just type in a domain name and you will get tons of information, including projections on how much that site is spending on paid searches and which keywords they spend money on the most. There are many other unique results that will allow you to become your very own spy.
  • WordStream – WordStream offers a unique option in that users can select whether a keyword is negative or relevant and then group those keywords accordingly. There is also the option for users to embed WordStream tools onto their websites. However, the negative keyword tool may be the best thing WordStream has to offer as it can increase lead generation while also saving valuable time.
  • Virante – The Virante keyword tool is useful when looking for keywords related to your topic. These related keywords could prove to be very beneficial as you search for new content ideas for your blog. It basically narrows down the field of new keywords, which could spawn new ideas for blog content. While other keyword tools may focus on the top keywords, Virante offers the option of alternative keywords which could be incorporated into your SEO plan.
  • Ispionage – Google is not the only company that can assist with keyword searches. Ispinoage is an excellent way to see what kind of keywords your competition is using. When you search out a specific site, you will receive a summery showing you the following: the amount of clicks per month, Yahoo and Google pay-per-click keywords, estimation of pay-per-click budget and a working ad copy which is associated with every keyword.
  • SEO Book – One of the highlights of using SEO Book will show you how much monthly traffic you should expect based on ad positioning and pricing. SEO Book is linked to the price estimating tools of Google AdWords, which enables it to draw these conclusions. It also enables users to discover what is being talked about most in regard to your topic of choice and which resources are being referenced the most frequently.

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Attorney Blog Writing Services Provides Keyword Tools
Our expert attorney blog writing services offers a new blog article about excellent keyword tools for law firm blogs.