Legal Blogging Services – How to Find Long-Tail Keywords

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Regular keywords just don’t seem to be enough when it comes to SEO nowadays. There’s a need to do things just a little bit better. The use of long-tail keywords is a new and improved solution to building your online presence. Here’s a look at some innovative ways to come up with new long-tail keywords for your lawyer blog:

  • Keyword Tools – Keyword tools are available in many different versions. Google offers some very helpful keyword tools but Google is not the only game in town. There are other options as well. WordStream offers many helpful keyword tools such as its Niche Finder. The use of more keyword tools will lead to a greater variety of long-tail keywords.
  • Suggestions – There is a unique site that will offer suggestions for keywords and help you to expand on one or two keywords. Ubersuggest is an excellent keyword tool that will enable you to find variant forms of long-tail keywords. When one set of keywords is working, go to this site and spend some time seeking out other long-tail keywords that could be just as helpful.
  • Competition – Some of your competition may be rising through the rankings and garnering quite a bit of search engine results. It’s not difficult to see who is doing well in your field. Now, you can catch a glimpse of what is working for them. SEMrush is a service that allows you to see which keywords your competition is bidding on. If those keywords are working for them, they could work for you as well. Take that data into consideration when building your new batch of long-tail keywords.
  • Friends – Ask some friends to do some quick searches for lawyers right in front of you. Don’t give them any other instructions. Simply sit back and watch what words they type in. This is an easy way to research long-tail keywords as you have real people typing in real searches. Think of it as kind of a focus group. Take ten friends and ask them to conduct basic Internet searches for lawyers. It’s an easy and useful means of research.
  • eHow – The popular site eHow achieves high search engine rankings because of its use of keywords, particularly long-tail keywords. The site basically tells users how to do something in so many simple steps. If you type in ‘how to hire a divorce lawyer,’ it will bring up a method on how to do just that. Within those instructions are valuable long-tail keywords people might use when searching for a divorce attorney. Spend some time on this site and make a note of its popular long-tail keywords.
  • Analytics – Take a good, long look at your analytics and some of your best keywords will be right there in front of you. It will show which long-tail queries have led people to your site. Gather those long-tail keywords and consider incorporating them into your content. To make the process easier, go into your Google Analytics and find your organic keyword referrals. Look for patterns and then develop which long-tail keywords can be of best use.
  • Modifiers – Modifiers are extra words that aid in finding long-tail keywords, particularly ones that involve local searches.  For example, a search for top divorce attorney goes a step beyond just the use of ‘divorce attorney’ keywords. Using modifiers will take things one step farther. Try utilizing such words as ‘top divorce attorney in Baton Rouge.’ A few modifiers could wind up going a long way.

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Legal Blogging Services - How to Find Long-Tail Keywords
Legal Blogging Services - How to Find Long-Tail Keywords
Our Legal Blogging Services discuss how to find a long-tail keyword phrases for your legal blogs.