Law Firm Blog Writers Provide Google Plus Tips for Lawyers Who Blog

Nowadays, it is pretty much a no-brainer for lawyers who blog to become active on Google+. There are so many benefits that come with it. Even lawyers who may not be very familiar with thin ins and outs of Google+ can learn them rather easily. Just follow these helpful hints to get you going.

Complete your Google+ Profile

When someone searches the Internet for your name, your Google+ account is most likely going to appear in the search results. Without a complete profile, searchers will be left wondering exactly who you are. This is your chance to show them. Your Google+ profile should include your work experience, education, contact information and links to your blog, social media, and other pertinent sites.

Utilize sharing buttons

There is the option for you to add a Google+ share button to all of your content. Make sure one is installed on your blog. Not only does this share content but it also entices others to connect with you on Google+. The more connections you have, the better it is for business.

Add comments when you share

When it comes time to share your content, just don’t post a link. Add some comments introducing your link. This shows that you are ready to reach out and offer something insightful to your audience. If followers like what they see, they will give you a Plus One. You are more likely to receive Plus Ones in links that contain intros.

Share some images

Sharing pictures on Google+ is not the same as sharing on Facebook. There is more of a professional feel on Google+. Keep that in mind when sharing photos. Be sure they all portray you as a legal professional. That means excluding the Friday Happy Hour pics after a long week of work.

Impact clients

In this day and age, the impact of a lawyer tends to be gauged in his/her online ranking. How many times you show up in online searches lends credibility. For that reason, you have to be selective about what goes into your Google+ profile. Connecting your blog posts through Google+ can also have a tremendous impact on your web presence. Get started today and it can quicken your way to making an impact.

Take advantage of no-limit dialogue

One of the more frustrating parts of some forms of social media is character limits. With Google+, there are no limitations on dialogue. This means your conversations in Google circles could be much more lengthy and in depth. There are also numerous channels in which you can add dialogue.

Categorize your circles

The circle of contacts is another useful tool that could come in quite handy. You have the choice to place each contact in a specific circle. There could be a circle for potential leads, current clients, former clients, colleagues, and friends. There are also no limitations on the amount of people you can include in each circle. You can even share certain content with certain circles.

Access Google Ripples

Google+ has a built-in data visualization program called Google Ripples. It is actually built to show a type of ripple effect with a group of circles. The original post is a center circle and each reshare of your post creates a new circle. The overall circle will then grow to reflect the sharing sequence. The larger the circle gets, the more times your post has been shared. It is a very exact way to see exactly who is sharing your post. One look at Google Ripples will make complete sense out of its hierarchy.

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Law Firm Blog Writers Provide Google Plus Tips for Lawyers Who Blog
Law Firm Blog Writers Provide Google Plus Tips for Lawyers Who Blog
Our law firm blog writers discuss a few important Google Plus writing tips for lawyers who blog and offer blog writing services for lawyers.