Legal Blog Writing Services Provides Helpful Blogging Advice

Our legal blog writing services blog provides some excellent helpful blogging advice for attorneys who blog.

Law firms are not necessarily in the business of blogging. For that reason, it’s important to gather as many helpful hints as possible when it comes to operating and maintaining a blog.  The following are some useful methods to use in growing your law firm blog:

  • Involve the upper level – It may seem like a good idea to assign the chore of maintaining a law firm blog to a junior associate or lower level member of a firm. However, this is a key form of marketing so it is not a duty that should be entrusted to just anyone. Remember that this is your firm’s online voice. Be careful who you let do that talking. It is recommended that upper level members of the firm become involved. Experience and credibility starts at the top and those are two things every law firm blog should show off in each blog post.
  • Pique your curiosity – When it comes to courtrooms and cross-examinations, lawyers must refrain from asking certain questions. When it comes to lawyer interaction on line, it is recommended that they be curious and inquisitive. It’s okay to interact with readers and ask questions on social media since that is a direct link to a law firm blog. By being curious, people will be able to relate better to lawyers. It will make them seem more like real people.
  • Listen to your online voice – If you were engaging potential clients at a dinner party, you would interact a certain way with them. You wouldn’t just start shouting rules and procedures at them. Keep that in mind when blogging. Thinks of your blog as a way of starting an online conversation with potential clients. Speak to them as you would if they were standing right in front of you.
  • Outsource your SEO – It’s not a given that anyone in your firm is going to be able to put together a productive SEO plan. With so much marketing done online, it’s wise to consider hiring an outside source for your SEO. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the service that built your website, but one that has developed a solid reputation in SEO.
  • Show you can communicate – Clients want to hire a lawyer they can communicate with openly. Showing that you know how to communicate can be done through the constant maintenance of a blog. Reply to all reader comments, e-mails and inquiries. Listen to what kind of content people want to read and then write it for them. Courtroom wins are great, but if you cannot show effective communication skills, potential clients will start to look elsewhere.
  • Offer the option of a free consultation – You want your readers to know that you want to work for them. Show them that with a call to action that emphasizes that fact. The end of certain blog posts can include an invitation for a free consultation. Put the option out there for potential clients. This will get them thinking about taking the next step and actually contacting you. And who doesn’t want to take advantage of something that is free?
  • Optimize for Google – Google is king of the rankings on the Internet and in order to come up with highly-ranked content, you need to say what Google wants to hear. That means coming up with quality content, being mobile friendly, sharing links and all the other magical tricks that go into obtaining a high ranking. Get familiar with Google and then make it work to your advantage by giving Google what it wants.

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Legal Blog Writing Services Provides Helpful Blogging Advice
Legal Blog Writing Services Provides Helpful Blogging Advice
Our legal blog writing services blog posts an interesting and helpful blog article that provides law firms with helpful blogging advice.