Law Firm Blogging Services – 8 Ways to Get Your Law Firm Blog Noticed

Our law firm blogging services blog provides 8 new ways to get your law firm blog noticed.

There are several keys to writing a high quality content blog. There are also several ways to get your blog noticed. It’s important to utilize these methods in order to get your law firm blog as much exposure as possible. Here are eight ways to bring your content in front of the eyes of a much larger audience.

  • Change up your content – Writing content can keep you busy every week off the year. Don’t hesitate to switch up your content every now and then. Throw in a video every so often just to provide a different type of medium. Podcasts are another alternative. Your podcast could be a quick audio interview with some kind of legal professional. Special reports are also a way of differentiating your blog content.
  • Let the people speak – What better way to give your law firm credibility than by using the words of actual clients? Ask clients to write a short testimonial highlighting their experience with your law firm. Then, collect a series of testimonials and put them together in a blog post. Make sure to link it to all your social media because you want the world to see what real people are saying about your firm.
  • Write a comprehensive series – So 400-600 words is not enough to cover a particular area you want to address in your niche. That’s okay. You can publish a series of related posts which are ongoing. When you are done, you can also make it into an e-book that can be downloaded for free. Think about what you want to write and make sure it applies to your niche. Then, let the magic begin in a multi-part series.
  • Answer questions – Go to a place like Yahoo! Answers and find some legal questions to answer. You could even write a blog post which shares your answer and links to your Yahoo! answer. You could also leave a link to your blog within ever question you answer on Yahoo! There are other sites which also have this same type of format such as Quora.
  • Blog Hop – A blog hop is also known as a link party. It involves linking up with other blogs so that that your link will appear on other blogs and vice versa. It is essentially a meeting place for blogs so that bloggers can get familiar with one another and help each other bring more traffic to each blog. The host of a blog hop can be an actual blog or a social media page.
  • Get some CommentLuv – Getting comments on your blogs will encourage more participation and help legitimize your blog. There is even a tool to help with this. CommentLuv does more than just show comments, it also directs commenters to your previous posts. There also seems to be a greater comment rate on blogs that use this tool. It is available in both free and paid versions.
  • Know about Panda – Google is constantly altering its algorithms and you need to be up to date with this in order to keep attracting readers to your blog. Panda was the name given to Google’s changes in algorithms which began back in 2011. Bloggers who miss out on these constant updates will see their ranking drop if they do not adjust their SEO plans accordingly.
  • Get Zemanta – There are a great many number of tools that can help with getting you noticed. Zemanta is a network that recommends certain blogs to certain users. This network is a great way to build links with other’ bloggers as well as a way of developing relationships.

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Law Firm Blogging Services - 8 Ways to Get Your Law Firm Blog Noticed
Law Firm Blogging Services - 8 Ways to Get Your Law Firm Blog Noticed
Our professional law firm blogging services blog provides 8 new and successful ways to get your law firm blog noticed.