Blogging for Law Firms – is is Right For Your Law Firm?

In 2002, there were 100 lawyer related blogs on the internet. By 2005 there were already 500 lawyer related blogs. And today, 80% of these starting in 2002 are still active.

So why are so many lawyers starting to follow suit and start blogging the leader?

Two early-on legal bloggers, Ernie the Attorney and Dennis Kennedy, say they write blogs to present their thoughts and for the simple reason that they love to write. It is their form of self-expression. There are many reasons a lawyer may choose to write a blog, but writing for the sole purpose of money will surely cause you to be unsuccessful at your blog writing. A blog should be written free style and for fun. If you are not having fun and enjoying writing your blog, then maybe you should reconsider writing them… will show through in your words.

So what are the benefits of having a blog?

The biggest benefit is clearly the large audience coverage you get at a small cost. In fact lawyers or law firms who blog have seen a 30-40% increase leading to 6 figure revenues simply from blogging alone. From blogging you not only attract new clients, but it opens the door to speaking engagements and even job offers from larger firms or someone who may want to partner with you.

As Kevin O’Keefe (Real Lawyers Have Blogs) states, “Instead of networking via seminars and offline functions, I am networking via the ’Net and reaching more people by doing so.” Blogging definitely makes it easier to communicate with large numbers of the legal community, and these relationships can be mutually beneficial.

Oklahoma lawyer Jim Calloway (Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips) says, “It is a real kick to go to some small town in rural Oklahoma and have someone say ‘I read your blog all of the time.’ But I’ve also gotten e-mail from as far away as the Attorney General’s Office of Guam thanking me for a post.” And Matt Buchanan (Promote the Progress, and Rethink(IP)) sees exposure as the big advantage to blogging. “People, including the media, come to me as an expert on various areas of law because of the blog,” he says.

What about the downside?….

If you are not able to commit to at least 3-4 blogs per week, then don’t even start. It is better to never start blogging at all than to start full force the first month churning out blog after blog to find yourself struggling to get out one per week the next month. This start and fizzle is never successful for blogging. Any followers you had who are coming back to read more will be disappointed and you will lose your rankings with search engines….one of the primary purposes to blogging. You can’t just catch the fish and put your reel down. The fish will not come to you simply because you managed to get a hook in its mouth. You must continue to turn and turn the reel until you have pulled him all the way in. Otherwise you wasted perfectly good bait and time.

So if it is more work for you than fun, don’t do it. Or hire a group to do blog writing only. Many large firms hire staff attorneys for blog writing alone.

Don’t know if you are cut out to be a blogger? Try writing under a pseudo-name for a month or two. This way if you find writing blog style is not for you, you haven’t risked disappointing readers and damaging your reputation.

Last thought… this not just giving away free advice?

Many lawyers hesitate to blog because they feel they are giving away free advice. Not true if you write correctly. The purpose of the blog is to hook the reader. At the end of your blog always remind them of ways to contact you with questions or concerns. The purpose of the blog is to gain the attention and interest of the reader.

What’s stopping you? Take a break and “go fishing.”

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Blogging for Law Firms - is is Right For Your Law Firm?
Blogging for Law Firms - is is Right For Your Law Firm?
James Greenier discusses blogging for law firms and whether or not blogging is right for your law firm.