Most Effective Strategies For Law Firms To Get New Twitter Followers

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Law firms are always looking to increase their number of followers on Twitter. However, it’s important to realize that process will not happen overnight. Don’t try to sprint towards gaining droves of new followers. It is more of a marathon and while running that Twitter race, keep these following tips in mind.

There is more to getting new followers than simply hitting the retweet button. To better maximize your chances of getting retweeted, keep your tweets relatively short. This will allow enough room for the RT symbol and the user name to appear before the actual tweet (RT@JohnDoe). Remember, retweets are ways for potential new followers to see who you are for the first time. Too much text may keep them from reading your entire tweet. Also keep in mind that someone who composes their own Retweet instead of just hitting the retweet button has a higher chance of getting the original user more followers.

Go Public
Replying to people publicly on Twitter has a better effect than sending direct messages. There needs to be a point of emphasis on the social aspect of Twitter and that is helped by public engagement. Don’t forget that Twitter is mostly about sharing. So don’t hesitate to share what’s going on with your law firm. Offer up some behind-the-scenes tweets. Providing a glimpse of how things work from day to day will help humanize your law firm. Engaging with others remains one of the most effective ways to gain new followers.

Promote charity work
Most law firms support some kind of cause. Don’t be shy about promoting that cause publicly. Your support of these charities has a good chance of be recognized by other Twitter users who may not have previously known about your law firm.

Promote your firm’s attorneys
In your law firm tweets, make sure to mention your individual lawyers by their Twitter names. The more recognizable your attorneys become, the better it is for your law firm. Remember that they are the spokes that move the wheel.

Use images and hashtags
On average, the use of images and hashtags increase the number of followers as opposed to ordinary tweets that feature only text. Images are also more enticing to random users who see your account for the first time.

Ask for followers
This doesn’t mean you should come out and start asking for followers in your tweets. Go to your other forms of social media and ask those who are following you there to also follow you on Twitter. That means going to your Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn to do some self-promoting. It also helps to have something to offer while asking for followers. In your request for a follow, you can offer free advice, a download, or answers to legal questions.

Tweet times
Weekends are not a good time to launch any kind of Twitter campaign as they bring in much less new followers. You can’t still tweet during the weekends but don’t use up your best content during that time.

Avoid the No-no’s
There are certain things you should avoid altogether when tweeting and some of them are as follows:

  • Don’t use the auto responder
  • Don’t overpromote with too many links
  • Don’t make tweets too long
  • Don’t use too many URLs in your tweets

Promote offline
Your Twitter account should be a constant part of all of your promotional materials. That means including your Twitter account on business cards, advertising, brochures, posters and information packets. Wherever your law firm’s name appears, make sure your Twitter handle is right there along with it.

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Most Effective Strategies For Law Firms To Get New Twitter Followers
Most Effective Strategies For Law Firms To Get New Twitter Followers
Our lawyer website writer discusses social media dos and don'ts and social media promotion tips for law firms.
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