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Google’s New Panda Algorithm – Google Reaffirms Quality Content is a Must

Google execs at recent SMX West conference said the recent Panda algorithmic update demands high-quality content from all sites without exception for rankings in organic searches, Pay Per Click quality scoring and Google Places (formerly Google Maps).

Google has begun a crusade to clean up their search results. Duplicate, stolen content and reused content has been the target in both of Google’s last two major algorithmic changes – “Caffeine” and “Panda.”  Google has already punished 12% of the websites listed in their search results and is not done refining the algorithms to find and identify content pirates or content spammers.

We believe there is more to this story.  We believe Google is taking a proactive approach to avoid potential lawsuits and litigation from legitimate businesses affected by content thieves.  A class action of this magnitude would certainly put Google out of business.

In the event that your law blog or website is banned or removed from Google there is no way right now for Google to revive your rankings or indexing.

Google is moving toward local and authoritative content sources.  Mega law website portals and national attorney directories have seen significant reductions in both rankings and traffic from  Google as a result whereas smaller, specialty  law blogs and websites have increased in both rankings and and traffic due to the local, niche, and authoritative content they provide.

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