How Attorney Blogging Feeds Fresh Content to Hungry Spiders

Although there are many factors involved in keeping your website in tip top shape, and maintaining the kind of relationship with Google that keeps your site near the top, one of the primary ways you can feed the hungry Google spider crawler is to start a blog, and update it often and regularly. When the spider returns to your site and finds changed information, it will then lessen the time between now and the next time it drops by to index your site and check for more updates.

If, in that time period, you have neglected to update with fresh, informative new content, your indexing time will be greatly slowed. Updating your blog content regularly also builds trust among your readers through the information you provide. If you wait too long a time between updates your regular readers may think you have fallen off the earth, and quit checking in. In short, Google loves blogs which are updated regularly, and if you have a very successful blog, not only will your updates be posted regularly, but your visitor’s comments will also increase your indexing. How do you keep your blog fresh, new, and updated on a regular basis?

Updating Your Blog

Just like writers across the board whether they be authors, news reporters or journalists, bloggers can find themselves staring at a blank computer screen without a single idea to share. Maybe you have been blogging for a considerable amount of time and you think the well of information has simply run dry. How do you keep up once the excitement of your new blog has worn thin without becoming overwhelmed, searching desperately for new material? First, take a look for content which is relevant to your niche in public domain magazines or governmental sites. Our government spends literally billions of dollars each year to keep their content current and updated, and it is mostly public domain. Never, ever, copy material which is copyrighted or from sites which are not in the public domain.

Watch the News

No, really watch the news. Put away all the other things you normally do when you watch the news, grab a paper and pen, and sit down and really listen to the news. It is almost a certainty that something you hear will have an impact on you and give you a fresh new idea for your blog. Check out your local newspaper as well as a national one such as U.S.A. Today, and you will find articles about a wide variety of subjects, usually grouped by topics. Don’t forget to direct your reader to the original source after quoting a short passage and providing your own spin on the subject.
Spotlight another Blogger or Interesting Website

Search out other bloggers who write about your subject, and put their work on your blog occasionally. Take the time to get to know them—people generally return the favor when you show an interest in them and their work. Any time you cross paths with an extremely interesting web page or article, build on it and let it bring you inspiration for your next blog posting. Remember that most readers love facts and statistics, posts written like lists such as “the top ten ways to….”

Jump Into Social Networks

See what’s trending on Twitter, or share content with other Facebook users in your niche, and it’s a sure bet something will trigger your mind, allowing you to write an informative, compelling blog posting that not only will your readers love, but the crawly Google spider will as well.  Keep your blog fun, informative and update religiously and you are on your way to success.