Copywriting Success on Your Law Firm’s Website Starts With Your Offer!

 Most new website owners are eager to apply what they already know about direct response marketing to their new Internet business, and there are an abundance of ways in which they can do this, however many believe the offer you make on your site is the most important aspect. In truth, knowing how to get customers or clients is a very valuable talent, both in the “real” world and in cyberspace. If you’ve always been great at bringing people to your business, then you know that there are many similarities when bringing people to your website and getting a conversion out of their visit.

First, Arouse Emotions

In order to get your potential customer to the point where they will actually read and consider your offer, you first have to grab their attention, and hit them in a way that brings their emotions into play. You must be able to tell your story in a way that is not only fascinating, but totally believable, therefore the highest quality copy is essential. You will then offer some sort of incentive that coaxes the reader to take the action you are leading them toward, and finally you will make your final pitch—your offer—and make it as easy as possible for the person to take that action and accept the offer.
Make Sure Your Leads are Highly Targeted

If you have designed your website for maximum SEO, have filled it with the highest quality, extremely targeted copy, along with the most relevant linking system, then the odds that the people who land on your site will find exactly what they want or need is high. In the “real” world, you know that you never advertise to anyone who isn’t likely to become a client or customer in the very near future. On the Internet, your goal is to only lead those who are highly likely to buy your product or read and pass along your informative content, to your site. Adding a component to your site which essentially says, “Let me tell you more,” is good marketing tactic no matter where it’s used. You can do this via e-mail marketing, or having people sign up on your website for your newsletter, or any other enticing offer which will bring them back to your site time and time again.
Your Reader Wants to Know What’s In It For Them

In our incredibly busy world, the time spent on any website by any person is incredibly short. This means you must grab their attention immediately and hold it mercilessly until they have read—or at least skimmed—the entire article or product description. Your reader’s primary motivation in reading your site is to find out quickly what’s in it for them—what’s the payoff, what will they gain from remaining on your site? Keep your headlines short, concise and informative, full of your very best targeted keywords. Your headlines should give your reader an idea of what’s to come, convincing them to read on.
The Actual Offer

If you’ve been successful in keeping your reader’s attention focused on your site, your information, your product or your services—congratulations! Now it’s time to reel them in through your offer. Your goal here is to make the offer absolutely irresistible—impossible to resist. You want the implication to be that a person would have to be crazy not to click on your offer, no matter what it is. Offer your potential customer something that has such obvious benefits that there would be absolutely no logical reason they wouldn’t click the “accept” button. The very best, most irresistible offer will have an incredibly high return on investment for the user or buyer, will have an instant summary of your basic offer, and will have the element of believability. In other words, although you want it to be fantastic, it also must not seem too good to be true. Work hard on crafting your offer, and you will be rewarded many times over.