How Law Firms Can Attract the Best Cases and Clients

To attract very high quality personal injury cases and legal consumers willing to spend more for legal services in the transactional areas of your client’s practice, content is king.  But not just any content will do the job right. Legal consumers are much more educated and their ability to find and research legal information is unprecedented.

Our firm has used content to generate in excess of 65,000 leads per month for law firms.  The techniques for generating high quality cases and clients has changed rapidly over the years. Now there is so much clutter and filler content on the Web, that the very best approach for generating the very best cases and clients from the Internet involves using a highly targeted “Solution Based Keyword” approach.

This “Solution Based Keyword” approach involves tuning in to the problems, pains, and frustrations that legal consumers are seeking solutions for. Legal consumers that are facing difficult and complex legal problems are not turning to the Internet first to find a lawyer. In fact, only 2% of the Web searches that are legal related contain lawyer, attorney or law firm. That means 98% of the people search legal information and advice are taking a different route.

People turn to the Web to solve a problem. 98% of the legal consumers will type in their specific problem, pain or frustration in an attempt to solve the issue.  They are not simply making the connection that they need an attorney in the initial “information gathering stage.” They are looking to first understand the extent of their problem and then what options they have to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

We have a “Content Template” that we developed through extensive research on legal consumers.  We found that is you engage online legal consumers with content that relates to their legal problem and offers compassion to their dilemma, you obtain the complete confidence and trust of the legal consumer resulting in high conversion rates.

There are 10 steps that a legal consumer goes through in order to make a confident decision to take action.  Our “Content Template” walks the legal consumer through all of these steps and to the specified call to action that your client desires.

  • Attention
  • Interested
  • Relating
  • Emotion connection
  • Education
  • Rapport
  • Credibility
  • Risk Reversal
  • Decision
  • Call to action

Two of the biggest issues your law firm will likely be concerned about are:

  1. Will our content be ethical and comply with our State’s lawyer advertising rules?
  2. How can we prove the content without using up your client’s time.

We employ licensed attorney content writers.  As attorneys, they know how to ensure that the content complies with your state’s lawyer advertising rules. We also perform short, over the phone conference calls to ask the questions of the attorneys that are designed to generate winning content. This way the content is straight from the attorney’s comments ensuring that it is 100% accurate according to your state laws.

We are truly dependable and offer fast turn around times.

The fee is $50 per 400 words and we write in all content formats such as Blog content,  Practice Area Pages, Articles, FAQs pages, Attorney Bios, Press Releases, etc…