How to Write an Effective “About US” Page for Law Firm Websites

The best “About Us” pages give your customers an inside look at the human side of your law firm. For instance, who started it and why? And who are some of the movers and shakers on staff? Effective “About Us” pages also reflect your law firm’s brand image and personality. For instance, if you like to inject a little humor in your advertising, do it here, too.

Knowing what to say and how to say it on the Web can be tricky. To compound that challenge, “About Us” pages have to convey critical information in a concise yet powerful manner.

Your company’s story says a lot about your organization’s capabilities and personality. Spotlight your company history’s highlights with a simple chronological timeline or a compelling story about how the company got its start. Or focus on the background of the founder and what led him or her to launch the business.

If you don’t have time to develop your own Web-writing skills, bring in a legal content writer who can turn out top-notch “About Us” pages.

Customer testimonials carry more weight than praise that you heap on yourself. When you receive unsolicited positive feedback from customers, ask if you can quote them on your website, ads and elsewhere. Request feedback from other customers as well. Ask those who report good experiences to be specific about how your product or service helped them. Always request for permission to use customer comments in your promotions.