The Secret of Website Communication Success For Attorney Websites

The secret of website communications and law marketing success is to be found in the concept of “solution based keywords.”  There is something in “solution based keywords” that has explosive potential, something that connects to the essence of modern human behavior. As Web users, we are hunter-gatherers once again – only this time, instead of scanning the horizon for prey, we scan search results for “solution based keywords.” When we see these words, we click, we act. And that is what the Web is all about: tasks and actions.

What do most people care about when facing a difficult legal problem today? For example when faced with unpaid debt resulting in a legal problem? Bankruptcy Lawyer or Wage Garnishment? You might say Bankruptcy Lawyer.  Some attorneys might even say Bankruptcy Lawyer is a better “solution based keyphrase.” But in all actuality, keyword phrases that the term lawyer, attorney or law firm account for only 2% of the ideal keyword searches used. Is reaching or competing for 2% of the overall marketplace the best strategy for your law firm?

Suppose I told you that one of these “solution based keyword” phrases is 400 times more likely to be typed into a search engine than the other. Wouldn’t it be important for you to know that if you were working as a marketer for a law firm?

Legal Content Writers will give you simple, robust techniques to identify the “solution based keywords” of your customers. Developed over ten years of research and practical experience, these techniques eliminate the filler and let you focus on the killer Web content.