How to Come Up With Topic Ideas For Your Legal Blog

Once a law firm builds a legal blog, next comes a very critical step: deciding what to write about. There are plenty of topics to choose from. However, if you get stuck in a rut, here are some helpful topic ideas for your business blog.

Apps to Download

There are always new Apps being introduced for consumers in every kind of industry, including the legal industry. Do some research on the latest Apps and list them for your readers. You can even throw in some links that will take your readers directly to the websites of those particular Apps.

Recommended Reading

Find some books that have some kind of relation to your service or product. Then, recommend those books to your readers. For example, an divorce law firm might list its favorite books about parenting. A bankruptcy law firm might list its top books on building credit or managing household finances.

Legal Industry Facts

People are always going to be curious about their particular field of interest. Coming up with some less-commonly known facts about an industry will make for an enjoyable read. An engaging way to title it would be ‘12 facts you did not know about the hair care.’

Collection of Related Posts

Don’t be afraid to share the wealth. Collect a bunch of posts related to your particular field and include them in an article. You could mention something about each post in a few sentences. Before long, you will have a long list of useful information to share with your readers.

Legal Myths

There are myths in every area of practice. Come up with a few of those myths and either prove them right or wrong with a detailed description. Myths about the legal system run rampant and will provide you with plenty of content.

Address Common Client Questions

A lot of people find themselves at a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page at one time or another. Try to find the most commonly asked questions relating to your areas of practice and answer them. It will be informative for your readers and also show off your expertise.

Top 10 lists

Lists generally appeal to readers. You could write the top 10 reasons why your services work well. You can also show off some levity and write a humorous post on something like ‘10 reasons you do not need a personal chef’ or ‘10 reasons you don’t need a lion for a pet.’ This can make your firm more relatable to potential clients.

Industry Secrets

Go behind the scenes in your next article and discuss how something works in your industry. If you have a real estate law practice, relate some unique details that occurred when you were searching for a title history for a historic home. Unique stories like that show off your experience and add intrigue.

Breaking Legal News

Find some kind of relevant news that is going on in your practice areas and then write your opinion on it. You can recount the news story and even provide a link to it. Be sure to add some commentary of your own to give it a personal touch.


Take a task that is related to your industry and write a step by step procedure on how to do it. If you practice Personal Injury Law, you could write about how to get the insurance company to pay for their rental car after and accident. Take something you know well and explain it in detail to your readers.

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How to Come Up With Topic Ideas a Your Legal Blog
Legal blogging service offers ideas on how to come up with new topic ideas for a legal blog.