Ways To Get More Comments On Your Law Firm Blog

How many times have you read a blog post and saw zero comments at the end? Sometimes the blog post will be a very good read, yet not one single comment. Then there will be other blogs that contain droves of comments. The quality may not be the highest on the Internet, but that particular blog is doing something right.

So what is it?

There are quite a few methods to attract readers who will fill up your comment section. Here’s a look at a few of those methods.

Meet Reader Expectations

Always make sure to follow the same format. If you are writing a cooking blog, you can always include a recipe while making sure to provide step-by-step instructions along with pictures. If that is your niche, follow through with that format each time. Your readers will visit your blog with certain expectations and it is up to the blogger to meet those expectations every time.

Show Off Your Personality

Many successful bloggers are not afraid to let their personality come across in their writing. If their tone is relaxed and personable, readers will be able to easily identify with them. Bloggers should also not hesitate to poke fun at themselves. It makes the reader relate to the blogger and helps build a more genuine connection. It also shows the blogger as a real person and not some almighty sage.

Elicit Responses and Then Respond

Ending your blog with a question will encourage reader interaction. You could finish off with something like “What would you do?” or “What advice would you add to this?” But just ending with a question is not always enough. Reply to each comment left by a reader and before long, the comments will begin to multiply. Ending with a call to action in any form invites readers to maintain an ongoing conversation that can continue with each new blog post.

Start Your Own Comment Community

Many bloggers face the same issue of generating comments. So why not band together as a group? You can rally a bunch of bloggers together and agree to comment regularly on one another’s blog. The interaction often entices others to join in. Keep up that circle of commentary and your blogs will always appear to have plenty of interest and attention all the time.

Embrace Controversy

When there is a popular topic that is generating a lot of heated debate, step up and take a stand. Write your unabashed opinion instead of trying to tote the line of neutrality. No matter what you write, you are not going to please all the people all the time. By taking a stand on a controversial subject, you will automatically incite conversation. Maintaining a stance whenever you write will allow readers to respect you for speaking your mind, even if they do not always agree with you. They will come to count on you for your candid opinion.

Offer Up Congratulations

Offering up praise to someone else shows humility in a writer. Putting together a blog post dedicated to someone worthy of recognition will earn you points with readers. It could be a heartwarming story about a local hero in a community you have never visited. It will attract visitors, many of whom will be eager to leave comments. It will also show you off as a good-hearted blogger, another reason for people to make a return visit to your blog.

Pep it Up

Pep talks are a great way to gain commentary. Now, your writing should be able to motivate people when using this method. But even if it is not, you could still reference some powerful quotes to help move you along. People are looking to be inspired every day and if you can do that, their thankfulness will show up in their comments.

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Ways To Get More Comments On Your Law Firm Blog
Legal content writing expert offers some tips and advice on how to increase the comments and interactions on your law firm blog.