How To Improve Your Attorney Bio Page

Aside from the home page, the attorney bio page is the most visited page on a law firm’s website. With that information in mind, if you were to take a look at your own bio page, with the eyes of a potential client, would you be bored? Impressed? Overwhelmed? Interested? Unfortunately, most attorneys would probably answer with, “Bored.” However, that doesn’t have to be the case! We have gathered some of the best tips on improving your attorney bio page to share with you here:

Know Your Audience: Try to write your bio with these few key questions in mind: Do you have a specialty? Who is coming to look at your bio page? If it is a potential client, can you help them? How would you be able to help them? What are their biggest concerns, knowing that they already need your legal help?

Personal Touch: Your bio page on your law firm’s website is your chance, not to just show your own credentials (which is perfectly fine, in moderation), but to show a little bit about yourself, too. Do you have any interesting hobbies? Why did you become a lawyer in the first place?

Link To Social Media: Another easy way to add more details about yourself without flooding your bio page is to link to your social media, as well. You can link to your law firm’s social media or your own personal social media, assuming it is appropriate for potential clients.

Write With Keywords: Use words that search engines are looking for, specific to your field, geographic location, firm, and specialty. If you are a bankruptcy lawyer based in Alabama that specializes in discharging student loans, then your clients will be searching with any and all of those terms to find you – so make it easy for them!

Keep It Current: One of the easiest, and therefore most common, mistakes that can be made on your bio page, is having outdated information. When you first write your attorney bio page, make sure you set a time every three to six months to go back and review that everything is still accurate. That also gives you a chance to add in any new information, such as important lawsuits won or any awards that have been given to you.

Professional Photo: Just as bad as having outdated information (if not worse), is having a visibly outdated photo. If your photo was taken before another attorney in your firm was born, update it! Make sure it’s done professionally – and make sure you look like a professional. Dress and groom for the photography shoot as though you were meeting a very big potential client – because you are. Or at least, they are “meeting” you through your bio page.

Contact Info: Since your bio page is one of the top two pages on your law firm’s website, put your contact information here, too, in addition to the standard “Contact” page. Ideally, after reading your strong bio, the first thing a potential client will do is look for information with which to contact you.

Format: Make your bio page easy to read, as well as informative. Writing with short paragraphs and/or with bullet points will help a potential client go straight to what they want to know, without having to browse through irrelevant material.

If you still have questions about how to improve your attorney bio page, or have questions on how to develop your blog further, call us today to speak with a content writing expert – not a salesperson! We can review your blog for free and offer helpful advice that will translate into new clients for you. Call us today at (800) 877-2776!