Adjusting Local Law Firm SEO for Google Pigeon

Legal Content Writing & Marketing Experts Recommend SEO Changes for Google’s Pigeon Update

Google’s Algorithm’s latest upgrade, which has been named Pigeon, is intended to improve searches with more relevant local results. According to, Pigeon has made a  host of changes to its local search ranking algorithm. That could have both positive and negative effects for businesses.

So what does that mean for law firms?

First, it means they should not overindulge in one form of Internet marketing. One change in Google’s algorithm could take them from the top to bottom when it comes to rankings. It is a truth that continues to withstand the test of time.

Now, with Pigeon, Local directories are expected to add more traditional type web search signals such as, Yelp and Trip Advisor. Becoming more involved in these type of local directories could prove to be a major benefit moving forward. It is advisable to join as many local directories as possible. But that is nothing new for law firms.

There is no handbook for how Pigeon will affect website rankings over the course of time. So there will need to be a close eye kept on your web analytics. Check back for any drastic increases or decreases in traffic. That could indicate some kind of effect resulting from this new algorithm. Any slippage in rankings should be addressed right away.

One way to continue to achieve high rankings on Google is by continuing to play by its SEO rules. Taking an active approach to marketing your law firm on Google+ will likely have its advantages. Making use of all Google’s tools enables you to speak the language that Google wants to hear.

However, law firms could go offline and market themselves in a more traditional way while still achieving stellar local search results. Sponsoring a local event would not only build brand awareness within a community, but it will also bring more exposure online. Sponsorship of a community event is likely to be listed online in multiple places and potentially show up in some news sources. All of that helps with local SEO.

Going into your website and making some local adjustments is another way to stay on top of your SEO amidst these changes. Within your website pages, it is a good idea to make sure your specific city and state show up in your URL, Title Tag, Alt Tag, Meta Descriptions and H1 Headings.

When dealing with blogs, there are always constants in achieving high search rankings no matter how many new algorithms appear. Quality content is the first and foremost priority of any blogger. Consistent posting and following all the SEO basics will often result in a productive blog, particularly when it comes to the use of localized keywords.

Google will continually unveil new algorithms which alter some portion of its rankings system. But law firms need to always apply a local emphasis to its SEO. After all, they are not trying to market to clients across the country.

Local directories have always been a recommended choice for law firm SEO and now, with Pigeon, that may be truer than ever. More organic searches seem to be trending with the month-old Pigeon in place and it is likely that businesses on local directories will go on to outrank individual business listings.

Nevertheless, local SEO for law firms is not likely to undergo any drastic changes. Local directories have always been important and this new algorithm could help reinvent some sites like Yelp and They may be more traditional in the search engine world, but tradition looks as though it will be part of the future with Pigeon.

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Adjusting Local Law Firm SEO for Google Pigeon
Adjusting Local Law Firm SEO for Google Pigeon
Adjusting local law firm SEO for Google Pigeon algorithm update provided by experts in the legal content writing industry.