Twitter Tools for Lawyers and Law Firms

Our Legal Website Content Writing Service Discusses Twitter Tools for Lawyers and Law Firms

In order for lawyers and law firms to establish a successful blog, there is a need to be active on social media, particularly Twitter. This is an effective way to broaden your online presence and generate more potential leads. Here are some excellent tools to utilize when operating your Twitter account:

Social Mention

Once you have established a Twitter account and are interacting with other users, it’s time to see just how much your tweeting is paying off. There is a way to analyze just how much you are being talked about on various forms of social media, including Twitter. Social Mention offers a platform which analyzes and tracks your Twitter presence. It will break down statistics in real time and let you get a look at how much of an impact your tweets are making.


Hashtags make it easier for you to find a specific topic. Now, there is a way to bring together all that hashtags have to offer in one place. Tagboard is basically a gathering place for hashtags. It provides multiple results for posts that contain a particular hashtag. If you are curious what is being said about divorce attorneys, type in the hashtag “#divorceattorney.”  You could even take it a step farther and type in a long-tail hashtag to show more precise and geo-specific results. This will provide you with an abundance of data that could be used in how and what you tweet.

Tweet Reach

Are you looking to see how far your tweets are going? Tweet Reach can show you those results. This service analyzes tweets that are specific to your hashtag, URL or brand name. There is a great amount of depth in regards to Tweet Reach’s analytics as it measures exposure, tweets, reach and more. This is a very useful tool when it comes to marketing campaigns.  It essentially shows you just how much of an impact you are making.


Lawyers need to target local audiences because the intent of their social media marketing is to attract actual clients from their immediate area. That is why it is important to find out how to make your tweets geo-specific. The first step is finding out what is trending in a particular region, area or city. Trendsmap enables you to see what is trending in your specific area. The use of graphs will show you columns of tweets on a local level as well as a worldwide level. This is an important tool when trying to target an audience in your immediate area.


This is another tool that allows you to discover localized tweets. GeoChirp enables you to identify local hashtags. It uses a map-based platform to show results. It is very easy to use and points out poignant information about what is being talked about in your localized region. This is one more very useful tool for lawyers and law firms who are looking to reach potential leads in their local areas. is a unique tool that allows you to see related searches to certain hashtags. It shows results in a circle format with numerous circles extending outward from the original search term. By seeing what is related to a hashtag, lawyers will be able to draw numerous conclusions when it comes to deciding what to tweet and even what kind of content to write for their blogs. This tool could even be used to come up with keywords for both tweets and blogs. This tool is also completely free to use.

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Twitter Tools for Lawyers and Law Firms
Twitter Tools for Lawyers and Law Firms
Our legal website content writing service provides some tips and advice for law firm lead generation and marketing on social media.