Using Google Trends to Improve Your Law Firm Blog

Our Legal Blog Writing Service Presents Tips Regarding Google Trends and Marketing

The whole point of creating and maintaining a law firm blog is to attract new clients. That can’t be done without the use of the right keywords. But how do you come up with the right keywords? That is the million-dollar question that millions of bloggers are trying to figure out.

What is Google Trends?

This is another excellent tool offered by Google and it is completely free to use. Google Trends shows the frequency of usage for a particular search term. Just type in your search term and check out the results. Those results will break down your search term by region as well as show a rise and fall in popularity. There are also Hot Topics, Top Charts as well as categories for all different kinds of searches. You could search for images, news, YouTube and more. Rankings are given out on Google Trends from 0 to 100 according to popularity. What Google Trends does is provide you with an abundance of information which can be used to design your law firm marketing plan.

Why should you use Google Trends?

First and foremost, it is free. However, Google Trends is not going to tell you which keywords you should use for your blog. It will tell you which keywords are most popular. You can go to Google Trends and search for different keywords, separating them with commas. By doing so in such a grouping, your results will show up in a graph with each keyword term individually marked. It will enable you to compare each keyword term and see which ones had the most success.

What to do with Keywords?

Priority No.1 is finding out which keywords are most popular and then incorporating them into your SEO plan. You can type in legal keywords and see how they are trending on Google. But all that information will amount to nothing if you do not use it properly. Also try auditing your current keyword list to see how those keywords are trending. If some of your current keywords are unranked or receiving low rankings, consider changing them. That would mean going in and readjusting the keywords in your existing blog posts.

Other benefits of Google Trends

  1. Geo-Targeting – Search results are broken down by region. You can see which parts of the country certain searches are originating from the most. Law firms can target local areas and see a breakdown of those searches. These are valuable to law firms because they are always looking to attract a local following.
  2. Top Charts – These are not just built on exact keywords and have variations of the same ones. They compile lists in various categories on a broad range of topics.
  3. News Ideas – Utilizing Google Trends will show you which stories are most popular when it comes to the law. You could use that information for content creation. Blogging about popular news stories will help increase your blog traffic.
  4. Group related searches – Similar searches and searches with slight misspellings will still be grouped together. This makes for more accurate rankings as more than one keyword search can be incorporated into those results.
  5. Monitor competition – You can check in on how your competition is doing as well as your own progress. It doesn’t hurt to see how your competitors are faring and what is and isn’t working for them.
  6. Mobile Friendly – Upgrades have made Google Trends easy to manage and utilize from mobile devices. Attorneys on the go have as easy of a time making full use of Google Trends.

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Using Google Trends to Improve Your Law Firm Blog Results
Using Google Trends to Improve Your Law Firm Blog Results
Our legal blog writing service provides advice and tips about using Google trends to improve your law firm blogs and lead generation marketing.