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It’s no secret that every day can turn into a very busy one at a law firm. With so much going on, blogging could easily become neglected by lawyers. In the hustle and bustle of your busy workweek, here are some helpful hints at how to make sure you find the time to blog.

Block out some time to write

A typical week can get rather hectic for lawyers. When an idea comes, it not as though lawyers can just sit down and start writing. That’s why it is important to set aside a block of time every few days to blog. If an idea comes to you at another point in time, jot it down. Then, when it is time to write, use whatever notes you have and write. If you set aside 30 minutes to write, then make sure you get something down in those 30 minutes. You can always go back and doll it up if it is not perfect. Just make sure you write something during that time.

Create an editorial Calendar

This is a way of organizing everything with your blog. An editorial calendar will enable you stay up to date with posting times and dates as well as fresh content and new ideas. Think of your editorial calendar as a daily planner for your blog.

Use Google Voice

This not only allows you to screen calls, but it turns voice mails into written messages that are delivered to your e-mail. This could help in many ways over the course of a day, especially when you are trying to blog. Without any phone interruptions, blogging becomes a whole lot easier. You can still read your phone messages quickly just in case it is something important.

Blog first in the morning

Think about when you check your e-mail in the morning. Now, whatever time that may be, push it forward10 minutes. Instead of checking your e-mail, take those first ten minutes to blog. What you write during those ten minutes will not always make it into your blog post, but it is an excellent way to develop discipline when it comes to writing.

Manage blog subscriptions

It’s a good idea to keep up with what your competition is blogging about. However, visiting each blog one by one takes time. You can make better use of your time by subscribing to various blogs through one e-mail account. That way, all your competition comes to you. It will enable you to read all of your competitors at once while managing your time more effectively.

Make a “to-do” list

Some bloggers feel more of a pressing need to write when they see that task staring them in the face. Others find a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with crossing items off their to-do-lists. For some, crossing off items actually becomes a priority. These lists can be a source of motivation, organization as well as a constant reminder of what needs to be done.

Blog while offline

Turn off your computer, silence your phone and walk away from your Twitter account. Without any online distractions, blogging becomes easier. If you are interrupted by an e-mail or Twitter update every few minutes then you are never going to get much done. Going offline is a major step towards focusing on the task at hand.

Know there will be more than one draft

Chances are, your blogs are not going to be perfect the first time around. That’s okay. Sometimes getting your thoughts down on paper is half the battle. So when you sit down to write, remember that it doesn’t always have to be perfect. It is a process.

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Time Management for Lawyers Who Blog By Attorney Writing Service
Our attorney writing service offers time management tips and techniques for lawyers who blog.