Six New Ways to Increase Your Law Firm’s E-Mail List

With so many forms of social media sweeping the world, e-mail campaigns still remain a strong and productive form of marketing. The longer your e-mail list, the better your chances of bringing in more business.

Here are six new ways to increase your current e-mail list.

1. Un-Personalized intros

It is a common belief that every e-mail should be personalized by putting a person’s name in the intro (Dear John Doe). This method is not always going to prove beneficial. If you don’t know someone on a personal level, would it truly make sense to personalize every e-mail you send them? On the contrary, it may seem like nothing more than a forced attempt at familiarity. That does not mean that you shouldn’t personalize some e-mails. When doing so, personalize them in a constructive and pertinent way. You don’t have to give the impression that you are on a first-name basis with everyone who receives an e-mail.

2. Hello Bars

Hello Bar is a Word Press plug-in that runs lengthwise across the top of your page. It has become a great way to generate new e-mail subscribers. It is a free download but in order for it to work most efficiently, there are some important steps to follow. First, provide users with some inviting text that entices them to click the link. Secondly, don’t give users any other options outside of signing up for e-mail alerts on the landing page. You can also entice users by using Hello Bar to give away something for free.

3. Post Scripts

Lots of people enjoy reading a P.S. whenever they receive a letter or e-mail. Including a post-script in a blog can have the same effect. However, it does not have to be a traditional post-script. It can be in the form of a testimonial, a catchy line about the services you offer, or an invitation to view a webinar or Twitter Q & A. Make sure there is some sort of call to action in the post-script. For people who scan your content, post-scripts are another way of catching their attention.

4. Sneak previews

Readers are always looking for some kind of helpful tip and that rings especially true when it comes to law firms. Ordinary people are always looking to learn something new about the law, especially if they are dealing with a legal matter of their own. Provide some helpful free advice as part of your blog and then offer the rest of the advice in a free e-mail newsletter which they will need to sign up for online. They will get the rest of the info for free and you will get their e-mail addresses.

5. Sign-up options on social media

Give people the option of signing up for your e-mail newsletter on your social media accounts. There are apps and tab options which enable you to do this. Also be sure to stress the word free in those options.

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6. Creative subject line

People become inundated with dozens of dozens of e-mails on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. In order to make your e-mails stand out, there needs to be an ample amount of thought and creativity put into what goes in your subject line. So what if you have a decent-sized e-mail list! It does you no good if those e-mails are not getting read. Think of your subject line as an important tweet and craft it accordingly.

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Six New Ways to Increase Your Law Firm's E-Mail List
Our legal marketing experts offer up six new ways to increase your law firm's e-mail list.