Twitter Analytics Now a Top Notch Tool

Analytics plays such an integral part in SEO that it often dictates how businesses design their social marketing strategies. But Google Analytics is not the only game in town. Twitter may be a little late arriving to the party, but the latest upgrades to its analytics provides a wealth of marketing information.

Twitter has become an essential component of social media marketing. That makes it necessary for every business to check up on its Twitter activity. While this kind of Twitter analysis tool is not brand new, it has undergone a recent upgrade.

The Twitter Analytics Dashboard may be one of the best marketing tools you don’t use. But the reality is you should be using it. The new twitter dashboard provides a breakdown of extremely useful information.

It provides precise statistics for how far each of your tweets have reached. Users can learn how many impressions each tweet received as well as a detailed breakdown of their engagement rate.

Geographic followers are very important to businesses that are marketing themselves on Twitter. The new dashboard provides a breakdown of where followers are located. In the event that more followers are located out of your immediate area, it would indicate the need to make a concerted effort to become more geo-specific with your marketing. That function could be monumental in generating local leads through Twitter.

Twitter Analytics was previously offered only to advertisers, but is now available to everyone. A deeper look into the information also shows which tweets were able to produce followers. With that kind of information, users will be able to craft their tweets more selectively.

One of the most unique features is the ‘Export Data’ feature located in the top right hand corner of the Analytics main page. Click on that link and it will allow you to actually save the file. It is almost like hitting the Twitter jackpot. It provides you with an itemized list of all your tweets along with their number of hashtag clicks, permalink clicks, URL clicks, profile clicks and more. Exporting raw data of that nature can be invaluable.

Navigating through Twitter Analytics is essentially an audit of your Twitter activity. Paying close attention to this kind of data can shape the entire way you conduct your Twitter marketing. This information also dispels a myth which many businesses have come to believe.

Most people believe that just because they have a lot of followers, their tweets are continually being seen by a vast amount of people. That is not always the case. Without any retweets, one of your tweets could be seen by less than 10 percent of your followers. That means if you have an important link within one of your tweets, you will need to work a bit harder to get that tweet out to the masses.

With this new Twitter tool, you don’t have to assume all of your followers are reading your tweets. Now, you will know exactly how many people saw each tweet.

There is also the capability of seeing how many of your followers have low follower counts. This kind of data could adjust what kind of audience you target in the future.

Setting up Twitter Analytics may seem like a dizzying process since there is no tutorial that will walk you through that process. However, Dan Shure has put together an easy instructional post on how to set up your own Twitter Analytics for free.

There has not been a broad campaign to make all of these Twitter benefits common knowledge. But now that this tool is available to everyone, many Twitter campaigns could take a sharp turn for the better.


Twitter Analytics Now a Top Notch Tool
Our legal content writers provide an easy instructional post on how to set up your own Twitter Analytics for free.