Unique Keyword Resources for Your Legal Blog

There are plenty of actual keyword tools that hone in on which keywords will increase the ranking and search results of your blog. But there are other kinds of keyword resources that can also be beneficial. These resources may be a little more unusual. Be on the lookout for the following ways to find effective keywords that will benefit your law firm blog.

Your law firm receptionist

Receptionists may not handle cases, but they are no strangers to clients. All day long, they field question after question. Many of those questions are similar to what people type into search engines on the Internet. Ask your receptionist to write down the first question or statement from callers. Examples are usually something like “I am calling about your divorce attorney services” or “Do your specialize in single mother divorces?” There are keywords in each of those statements. Have your receptionist jot down as many call greetings as possible and look for a pattern. Remember, these callers are the same people that search the Internet.

Contact form submissions

In the same manner in which you identified keywords from callers, look through any e-mail submissions you have received. Read each one and highlight its keywords. As with the phone calls, look for patterns or keywords that jump out at you and generate a list. Chances are there are going to be popular keywords as well as long-tail keywords, which could be very helpful to bloggers.

Q and A’s

If you are really looking to develop your blog, then your attorneys will have to be active on social media. Opening up a Question and Answer period is not only a great way to interact with potential clients, it is also a great way to find popular keywords. User questions are often similar to search engine queries. Make a note of all the questions asked during your Q & A sessions. Twitter chats and Google Hangouts are two great places for Q and A’s. You can copy and paste questions directly from your  Q and A’s and that could provide a list of brand new keywords to use.


When conducting lawyer-client consultations, record the conversation. Then, play it back and highlight the most relevant keywords. This is helpful in creating new blog content as well. Look out for which keywords keep popping up and which questions are frequently asked. Long-tail keywords are identified this way and you might also get a host of new blog ideas. Keeping mind that these are the questions regular people want answered. When it comes time to write your next blog, give your readers some answers.

Current Events

Keep an eye on the news to see which stories are trending and popular in your field. This could introduce you to some new keywords. Certain legal stories make headlines and become very popular news items. Staying up to date on current events will provide you with both keywords and story ideas. Your law firm bloggers could offer their take on noteworthy legal stories or expand on some finer points of the law by using current legal events as a basis for their blog posts.

The Seasons

Depending upon the time of year, seasonal keywords can benefit your blog. Swimming pool liability cases are not going to be as popular during the winter months, so eliminate that keyword after the summer. “Lawyers specializing in slip and falls on ice” is not a long-tail keyword that would be very effective in August. Look to the seasons to make sure certain keywords are being used appropriately.

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Unique Keyword Resources for Your Legal Blog
Our progressional attorney writers explain the results oriented unique keyword resources for your legal blog.