Using Pinterest to Promote Your Law Firm Blog

Pinterest is rapidly becoming one of the most frequently used forms of social media in the world. Along with that growth has been the emergence of law firms using images to promote themselves on Pinterest.

Signing up for a Pinterest account is easy, but then comes the decision of what kind of content to pin. Law firm websites and blogs are generally stocked with more written content than visual aids. Nevertheless, your law firm blog can still benefit by using Pinterest.

All of your pins should include the URL to your blog underneath the image. Some pins can include a call to action within the image. Switch it up and deviate from using the same repetitive method for your pins. Here are some helpful ideas for what your law firm can pin:

  • Office sights – These are real authentic photos of your staff in an office setting. Many law firm websites suffer because of the use of stock images. Don’t fall victim to that same trap. Use images of actual lawyers.
  • Behind the scenes – The daily operations at a law firm can be very exciting. Show people what that it is like with real images of an actual day in the life of a real lawyer.
  • Local sights – Lawyers are looking for clients who are local to them. Go get users familiar with the area by taking photos of some local sights. You want your followers to identify you with that local area.
  • Legal tips – Include a short legal tip incorporated with some kind of authentic photo. These tips do not have to very long for them to be effective. Keep it short and sweet.
  • Contact info – Let others know how to get a hold of you. Include your blog and website URLs, e-mail contact, phone number and street address. It is essentially a form of free advertising.
  • Charity outings – Take plenty of pics during any kind of charity outing you are involved in. These are great forms of visual marketing that can show your firm off in a generous light.
  • Community activities – Establishing a local presence is key in attracting local clients. Show people you are into your local community with visual proof of your involvement.
  • Quotes – People are always on the lookout for poignant quotes. If you find one, pin it for others to see. A very good quote will have followers coming back to keep checking for more.
  • Infographics – This is a visual aid that represents some kind of data such as a diagram or chart. It is a good way of showing actual data in a specific area.
  • Headshots with short bio – Show people what a real lawyer looks like with a few sentences that serves as a brief bio. All lawyer headshots should be professionally done.
  • Power Point Slides – Coming up with a good power point presentation doesn’t have to be relegated to just a one-time thing. Show off your stellar presentation in separate pieces.

There are additional pointers that will help expand your presence. Try Re-Pinning other intriguing images that are relevant to your field. Interacting with other users is also a key part of marketing on Pinterest. Just as it is with other forms of social media, you have to give in order to receive.

Pinterest is now showing up more and more on Google. Keep that in mind when choosing what you write in your posts. Including appropriate keywords will enable you to show up more frequently in search results. Take some of your current keyword research and apply it to what you write on Pinterest. It will still have the same effect.

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Using Pinterest to Promote Your Law Firm Blog
Our legal content writers discuss using Pinterest to promote your law firm blog and website for lead generation an business development.