Attorney Website Content Writers 5 Ways to Get Legal Leads

So many leads are now developed online that a law firm’s key to success could depend on their website, and, the amount of traffic it generates. With this in mind, the following are five ways your law firm can turn a casual online user into a lead and even an eventual client:
Provide free information

Many visitors are not going to click on your website for the first time and then call you right away. One of the functions of your website should be to give them a reason to contact you. One way to do that is to offer free educational information regarding your practice areas. Simply saying you offer ‘family law’ services is not enough. Explain to them how you make a difference for your family law clients.  Show them something they do not already know.  Appropriately highlight your value as a legal advocate by adding something like ‘10 questions you need to ask before hiring a premises liability lawyer’ or a ‘Q & A’ page on slip and falls. Earn their trust by offering some helpful tidbits.
Show them the next steps

Most people who visit legal websites are looking for some kind of answer. These kind of browsers are usually in some sort of legal predicament that has them seeking out help. You can endear your law firm to them by letting them know what is going to happen next. If someone has been in a motorcycle accident, include a page on motorcycle laws. Fill them in on the necessary steps to take following a motorcycle accident. Provide a resource or two that offers insight on how to go about the post-accident process. By showing people the next step, you can ease them into becoming a client. Pique their interest by walking them through some critical part of the legal process.
Make contact information clear

Say someone is reading your website and they start to consider contacting you. They search the current page for your contact information. They can’t find it. They click to the next page. In that short interim, there is enough time for them to lose interest or change their minds. If your law firm website displays its contact information clearly on every page, there will be no need to search. There will also be no time to lose interest. You want people to know how to get a hold of you at all times. Also be sure to make to link your e-mail address. One click and users could be on the fast track to contacting you.
Promote your message clearly

There are thousands of law firm websites offering similar services. That is why the message on your home page needs to be clear and concise. Show people what kind of services you offer and exactly what it is that you do. Most people only remain on a page for less than ten seconds before deciding whether to click off or to keep on reading. Let people know who you are and what you do right from the very beginning. Overall, your home page is your introduction, so make sure that it conveys the right message and, in a clear and concise fashion.
Monitor traffic

Once your website is designed and launched, there is still more work to do. Keep in mind that no website is going to get everything right the first time around. There will be the need to adjust your website in the months to follow. The best way to find which adjustments should be made is to monitor traffic and how users arrived at your site. Take the time to explore your Google Analytics and find out which keywords and search queries are leading people to your website. Then, take that information and use it to enhance your website content.

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Attorney Website Content Writers 5 Ways to Get Legal Leads
Attorney Website Content Writers 5 Ways to Get Legal Leads
Our experienced attorney website content writers provide 5 ways for legal websites to effectively generate legal leads on the Internet.