Law Firm Copywriters Discuss 9 Law Firm Web Marketing Errors

There is an abundance of information available on how to market your law firm online. While it is important to know the ins and outs of successful marketing, it is equally important to know what not to do. When marketing your law firm online, our law firm copywriters recommend that you try to avoid making these nine critical mistakes.

  1. Not including a call to action – Although there are some exceptions, most professional websites should contain some type of call to action, which is the paragraph at the end of a webpage that normally provides the business’ phone number, address, and the reasons why a prospective client should call you. Specifically, your law firm’s website pages, blog posts, e-mail campaigns and newsletters should all contain some kind of call to action. You can even include calls to action in your social media posts. Always let people know why they are reading your content and what your firm has to offer.
  2. Poor budgeting – We are living in an online world, which means people look for all kinds of business on the Internet. A failure to invest adequate funds into online marketing makes for a whole lot of missed opportunities. With so many people using the Internet to find services, this should be a major focal point for law firms. Don’t neglect this crucial expense.
  3. Scattered marketing – When law firms try to appeal to a wide assortment of people, it usually fails. One law firm cannot provide the answer for every single client. Target your specific areas and concentrate on those niches. It’s better to pinpoint the type of audience you want to reach instead of trying to reach everyone.
  4. The Use of Legalese – Legalese is a term used to describe legal jargon that is meant for lawyers, not the lay public. Law firms must be able to differentiate between writing legal briefs and writing website content. Too much legalese will make for very little web traffic and also, will leave people confused about their options.  The more confused people are, the less likely they will call your firm for help.
  5. Failing to spread the wealth – There are a number of ways to market online and your law firm’s efforts should be spread around evenly. Don’t just rely on Google Adwords or e-mail marketing campaigns for your success. Spread the wealth and delve a little bit into different forms of online marketing to make sure you take the most comprehensive approach to advertising your firm.
  6. Purchasing expensive keywords on Google – Just because certain keywords cost a lot of money does not mean they are going to bring you the most success. Remember that it is larger firms with high budgets who are usually bidding on these keywords. Furthermore, these keywords are not always specific to your geographical area. Investing in the right geo-specific or long-tail keywords is a better investment than pricey keywords.
  7. Long-term SEO contracts – Many law firms outsource their SEO to a professional service. But what if their service does not deliver? You don’t want your firm to be stuck in a one, two or even three-year deal. Try to work out a month to month deal or quarterly arrangement. Leave some wiggle room just in case things do not go as planned.
  8. Marketing without a plan – Internet marketing is just like any other business venture. There needs to be a strategic plan in place from the beginning. Winging it or just going with the flow generally doesn’t work. There needs to be a plan in place and long-term marketing plans should not be stopped until they’ve had sufficient time to run their course. Marketing is often a marathon and not a sprint.
  9. Poor content – Your website may look pretty, and you even may post frequent blogs, but they are all for naught without quality content. Don’t neglect the importance of quality content. It affects your ranking and is ultimately what keeps readers coming back again and again.

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Law Firm Copywriters Discuss 9 Law Firm Web Marketing Errors
Our experienced Law Firm Copywriters discuss the 9 most common law firm Internet marketing mistakes and offer a law firm content writing consultation.