Ways to Check Your Law Firm’s Online Competition

Legal Content Writing Tips – How to Check Your Law Firm’s Online Competition

Being able to find out information about law firms you are competing against has significantly evolved in the online world. It is no longer relegated to simply browsing through competitor sites and snooping for legal content writing ideas. You can actually see what kind of online marketing methods your competition is using and exactly what keywords they are bidding on.

Keywords remain a primary factor in achieving high search rankings. With privacy concerns, Google may eventually adapt and make life more difficult when it comes to spying on your competitors. For now, there are plenty of tools you can legally use to do so.  These are:

Open Site Explorer

This tool allows you to see a whole lot of what your competitors are doing.  Specifically, Open Site Explorer offers a type of reverse engineering which enables you to see your competitor’s linking strategies. You can also view other complimentary sites that link to your competitor’s page. One of the most beneficial parts of Open Site Explorer is that some of those sites linking to your competition may also be willing to link to your site. That in itself can provide you with a key tip for link building. There is also much more data that shows up including directory listings, news sources, blogs and more. You will be able to put the information you find on Open Site Explorer side by side with your own data and conduct a very thorough competitive analysis.

Google Keyword Planner

Regional keywords are very important for law firms as they are always on the search for clients in their immediate area. By entering your location into a search on Google Keyword Planner, you have a plethora of local keywords being used by your direct competition. You can even see which keywords your competitors are bidding on. Long-tail keywords searches are also easy to manage and there is even an option to include or exclude certain words from your customized searches.


This free keyword tool will first provide you with a long list of relevant keywords. You can actually copy and paste all of your competitors’ keywords into one file with a simple click of the finger. Common search terms will appear in great abundance as this is one of the most revered free keyword tools available. Ubersuggest is also very helpful when planning specific marketing campaigns as you will have a bevy of keywords that have already proven to be successful.

SEOBook Keyword Density 

Pages are indexed on Google according to their keywords. So how do you find out which keywords get ranked the highest? Use the SEO Book Keyword Density tool and type in the website of your competitors who are receiving high rankings. The search results will provide you with a list of what phases are enabling them to rank so highly. These phrases are generally two to four words in length. Having that kind of insight is integral and very helpful in boosting your SEO.

Woo Rank

Log onto this site and receive a free website review. This review allows you to see a website’s top keywords, which are responsible for Google rankings. If you are looking to find out which keywords are most popular in your niche, this is an excellent means of doing so. The keywords provided to you by Woo Rank are free of charge. There are also some pay options on this site if you are looking to delve deeper. Free website reviews on Woo Rank are limited to one per week. This tool comes in handy if you have one particular competitor whose online tactics you are looking to learn more about.

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legal content writing
Ways to check your law firm’s online competition and ideas on how to come up with legal content writing ideas and topics.